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Health Care

International students are required by Concordia University of Edmonton to have medical insurance coverage while travelling to and residing in Canada. Concordia University of Edmonton is pleased to offer two types of health coverage for international students.

International Student Medical Program

(for students intending to stay for less than 12 months)

Visa-holding students who intend to study at Concordia University of Edmonton for less than 12 consecutive months are not eligible for Alberta Health Care and must subscribe to the mandatory International Student Medical Insurance Program, at a cost of $CAN 250 per semester.

The International Student Medical Program includes coverage for services provided by the provincial healthcare as well as medical examinations, prescription medication, ambulance and other health-related services that students may need while studying at Concordia University of Edmonton.

Alberta Health Care & CSA Health and Dental Plan

(for students intending to stay for 1 year or more)

Visa-holding students who intend to reside in Alberta for at least 12 consecutive months qualify as residents and are eligible to obtain Alberta Health Care coverage. Concordia Students’ Association (CSA) also offers a Health & Dental Plan at a cost of $450 CDN per year or $250 CDN if starting in the winter term.

Alberta has a publicly administered and funded health care system that guarantees Albertans receive universal access to medically necessary hospital and health care services. If you qualify, this insurance will be provided for free by the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP). You must complete the necessary application and submit it along with a copy of your passport, study visa, proof of local address (Lease agreement for example) and your Concordia University of Edmonton registration confirmation.

Individuals should visit a registry office to complete the application process in the first 2 months after arrival. See the list of registry offices.

More information about Alberta Health Care here.

The CSA’s Health & Dental Plan provides insurance for Prescription Drugs, Dental, Vision, and much more. For more information about the coverage, please visit the website https://mystudentplan.ca/csa.

You may be able to opt out of this plan if you can provide proof of equivalent coverage. For the CSA Health & Dental Plan to be active, students are required to register to the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan.

If you have questions or require assistance, you can visit the website: mystudentplan.ca/csa – there is a chat service there, or call 1.877.746.0200 or visit our Student Service Coordinator on campus:

Concordia Students’ Association
Room A212
7128 Ada Blvd, Edmonton AB T5B 4E4

Additional Insurance

All international students are provided with emergency insurance in the event of a major health related incident, it includes transportation for the student to home or family to here if necessary.
Students cannot opt out from this additional insurance.For more information, visit mystudentplan.ca/csa/international-students

myWellness Service

The Concordia Students’ Association also provides a free service for mental health & wellness
All students have access to this service through mywellnessplan.ca.

The service is a hub for information on health and support services on campus and in Edmonton, and includes on-line tools for students.