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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – Information for the CUE Community

Information for the CUE Community


On-campus Residence

Life in residence can be one of the most memorable aspects of a post-secondary education. Lifelong friendships and memories, residence community events, not having to cook your own meals, and the day-to-day convenience of living on campus are only a few of the many benefits of living on campus.

Students apply for admission to campus residence separately from academic admission. On-campus accommodation is limited and is granted on a contract basis for the full academic year (September – April) or for one semester only (Fall semester or Winter semester).

More information about residence and application for residence can be found here.

Homestays in Edmonton

If you prefer to have your housing arranged in advance of your arrival, and are interested in living with a Canadian family, a home stay may be a good option for you.

Canada Homestay Network

Since 1995, the Canada Homestay Network (CHN) has helped tens of thousands of students find a home away from home in Canada. Over the years they have earned a unique reputation for client satisfaction, based on common values, successful experiences, and the highest professional standards in the industry. As a not-for-profit society, and as parents, CHN provides the kind of care that they would want for their own sons and daughters.

Learn more at: www.canadahomestaynetwork.ca.

Off-Campus Housing Information

Students looking for independent living can choose to live off campus. Here are some tips, resources and considerations to help you look for accommodation.

When to Arrive?

  • It is best to arrive two weeks to a month before classes begin to arrange non-University housing, as the selection diminishes as September nears, and can be even more limited in the winter months.
  • You will need to reserve an absolute minimum of one week of temporary accommodation in advance of your arrival, so that you will have a place to stay while you arrange your permanent housing.
  • Remember to budget for the added cost of temporary accommodations, given your arrival date!
  • We caution you not to enter into any rental agreement until you have viewed the accommodation in person and met any prospective roommates.
  • Also be sure to carefully review the details of the contract before signing.
  • Please be aware that Concordia University of Edmonton staff cannot enter into any housing agreement on your behalf.

Where to Look?

  • Non-University housing is available in the neighbourhoods surrounding Concordia University of Edmonton.
  • Prices for non-campus housing vary depending on size, facilities and location. Some apartments include the cost of utilities (electricity, heat, water, etc.) in the monthly rent.
  • One bedroom apartment rentals are in the range of $750 to $1,100 and up, per unit, per month. A popular form of accommodation is a room or suite in a private house, often in the basement, where costs range upwards from $550 per month (for a single room with shared bathroom and cooking facilities).
  • Keep in mind that if you are willing to look beyond walking distance of Concordia University of Edmonton, you will find a greater selection of accommodation, and there are several areas of the city that have convenient access to campus by bus or subway (LRT). Maps of bus routes and LRT can be accessed online through the Edmonton Transit Service.
  • Also note that sharing accommodation can be significantly less expensive than renting an apartment alone.

Tips, Considerations & Questions to Ask

  • If you are not able to see the accommodation in person, ask the landlord to provide you with pictures of the accommodation. It is best if there are pictures of each room.
  • Ask if the rent includes utilities (heat, water, power, telephone, cable, and/or internet). If these are not included, ask what the average bill for each of these is in the winter, and when it is likely to be most expensive.
  • Find out about laundry facilities.
  • What are the public transit connections?
  • If possible, limit the time period for which you sign a lease.

Online Resources to find accommodation

Resources for finding Non-University Housing

Edmonton Newspaper Rental Listings:

Other Rental Websites:

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