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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Services

Our AI-Support Services Team

At the Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence, we have a passionate team to help small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) think bigger and to run efficiently by adopting creative artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions. Our mission is to provide education and support services in AI and ML to SMEs that enable efficient and innovative growth for Alberta’s economy.

We offer:

  • Customizable AI and ML services for SMEs in any industry exploring to adopt AI and ML
  • A part-time team AI and ML team member to achieve what you need for short-term contracts without the cost and time of hiring someone full-time within your own organization
  • Third-party perspectives of business issues
  • On campus computing infrastructure
  • Connections to academic researchers
  • Lab space and offices for rent – see current availability and prices here
  • IP policy – we will work with whatever business structure works in your best interest for you to thrive with your idea and to support you building your dream 

“We see ourselves as artists. We’re creative in how to apply AI solutions to help your organization thrive.”

Mike Wade, CAAI Director

Why Choose Us

We have a team of highly-qualified and passionate people who care about making the world bette. Our business analysts and developers are experienced with both breadth and depth in applying AI and ML solutions to assess your needs and develop creative solutions to support your organization as it grows. We have a nimble team of in-house developers who can help build AI models with a professional, open-minded perspective and act with integrity and authenticity. We will take your problems seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Being on campus, we offer access to computing hardware and software to build AI algorithms model solutions in the heart of Edmonton. With connections to both students and industry, we pride ourselves in industry internship matching within Canada and are open to hearing about potential internship for CUE students.

At CAAI, we are also a connector for building relationships with Concordia University of Edmonton faculty to access future research capabilities and academic expertise. As a tri-council (NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR) eligible institution we have a lot of experience writing funding proposals and can assist your team on a fee-for-service basis for writing proposals.

CAAI’s Values

  • Innovation: Enabling learners and SMEs to reach their potential through AI and ML support and education
  • Efficiency: Providing high-quality value for innovators
  • Adaptivity: Making decisions and solutions quickly
  • Flexibility: Offering companies the option to own their Intellectual Property

CAAI: AI Support and Solutions

There are many situations where AI support or solutions could help your organization to thrive – when AI may not be an obvious choice. The Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence team can help you get there.

Is your organization facing any of these issues?

  • Need to derive insights from large datasets
  • Working within a rules based system and need cognition or judgement from a dataset
  • Have proprietary data sets that, if understood, could allow for a task to be completed by a machine
  • Want to hire an AI developer but don’t have the means to have someone full-time
  • Stuck with old data systems and ready to have more ease and capabilities
  • Gather unique insights using proprietary data sets.
  • Working on datasets and not sure what to do next 
  • When cognition or understanding is involved in a process
  • When data has or needs sufficient predictive power
  • An algorithm could make a desired prediction
  • Hit a required performance threshold
  • Resulting output could be utilized to drive behaviour change

Get started with an AI model. Connect with CAAI to book a free consultation with the CAAI business development team and machine learning developers and to tell us about your organization’s goals and needs. Email: Innovation@concordia.ab.ca

CAAI: Machine Learning Support and Solutions

We offer Machine Learning (ML) support for organizations managing large datasets and for multiple other solutions. Here are some scenarios for when your organization could pursue ML support with us:

  • Existence of large datasets, both in terms of number of columns (potential features) and rows (entries) and not sure what to do next
  • Datasets contain the relevant insights to make better business decisions
  • Business insights require grouping customers,products, processes, etc, into clusters to ease decision making
  • Business process that requires classifying customers, or extracting insights from massive datasets
  • Not possible to program rules manually
  • Challenging to scale the application manually
  • Humans are performing repetitive and non-creative tasks and automation is desired for efficiency
  • Speed boost – humans are performing a task too slowly and automation is desired for efficiency
  • High complexity – humans can perform the task, but not easily explain how they did it

As an independent third party, CAAI is here to help your team explore and assess business problems where AI and ML could be applied as a solution.

Ready to get started? Book a consultation meeting with our business development team and machine learning developers. Email: Innovation@concordia.ab.ca

Custom AI Services

Our business analysts and software developers are at your service to create custom AI services and support service tailored to your business and industry. We would work collaboratively with your organization to understand the root of your business issues to offer creative and customized AI-solutions to help your organization thrive. Our fee-for-service model is structured based on the time required for each project.


Organizations pay a fee for our services and retain any IP developed during the AI or ML project. As a not-for-profit academic institution, our fees are lower than for-profit organizations and provide opportunities for meaningful collaborations with subject matter experts. This model is applied pre-dominantly for collaborating with CAAI and the BMO-Centre for Innovation and Applied Research, or Centre for Applied Renewable Energy.

Connect with us to discuss your custom AI-service needs and learn more. Email: Innovation@concordia.ab.ca