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Concordia University of Edmonton (CUE) is uniquely positioned to aid in the commercialization of research across a wide range of disciplines in Alberta. At CAAI, we offer a collaborative industry-academia business model to assist in the commercialization of Intellectual Property (IP). 

CUE encourages industry-academia collaboration to develop innovative solutions that address societal needs. In the case of collaborative research with industry, each party owns their background IP. Ownership of new IP is determined based on institutional policies and inventorship. By default, any new IP developed by CUE faculty members is owned by them in absence of any third-party agreements or pre-existing commitments. Joint IP ownership with industry members may result in such cases. The IP commercialization framework allows for flexible licensing and revenue sharing models in case of industry/academia collaboration and more importantly in cases of joint IP ownership with industry.

Have questions about collaboration or IP? Contact Dr. Isha Katyal, Associate Vice-President Innovation: isha.kaytal@concordia.ab.ca

Our Team:

  • Mike Wade, PhD. (H), Director, CAAI
  • Ed Boraas, BSc., Research Lead and Chief Information Officer
  • Arul Prakash Pugazhendi, M.Sc., Machine Learning Developer
  • Mandira Das, MASc., P.Eng., Business Development Specialist
  • Raghav Kumar, Btech, Full Stack Developer
  • Isha Katyal, PhD., Associate Vice-President Innovation
  • Katie Mallard, BSc., Sustainability and Partnership Officer
  • Manfred Zeuch, PhD., VP, External and International Relations

Interested in Joining the CAAI Team?

We’re always looking for more great teammates with backgrounds in AI, who pursue passion projects and enjoy open-minded imaginative conversations to create new ideas.

We frequently have part-time opportunities for Concordia University of Edmonton students and summer work terms and we are always looking to connect with incredible people eligible for external funding opportunities.

Connect with us and share your resume: Mike Wade, Director of CAAI: mike.wade@concordia.ab.ca