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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Courses

AI and ML Courses for Professional

At the Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence, our artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) micro-credential courses are designed for university students or professionals interested in understanding artificial intelligence and machine learning principles and how to apply them across various sectors. We want graduates to understand the capacity of AI and to feel confident applying insightful, cutting-edge and dynamic learnings into their careers and making big impacts in their organizations. The CAAI also offers Machine Learning credit classes as part of CUE’s undergraduate and graduate IT programs.

Our niche is offering the latest in AI and ML to advance your knowledge quickly or to help you pivot your career. Our bootcamp offers breadth and depth to help you learn everything you need to know for the next step of your career in AI or ML.

CAAI’s Current Course Offering

Ready to level up for your career? Are you looking to re-skill or up-skill your credentials and want to learn about AI/ML? We’re currently offering the following courses:

Are you an experienced executive, manager, or consultant looking for brief AI and ML courses to keep your skills current that offer flexible delivery?

We teach the latest and most relevant information you need to know for helping you create a strategy for the big picture of your company to utilize machine learning. Machine Learning (ML) for Business Strategy teaches elements of ML, without needing to code or program, helps you understand the potential of ML in strategic business planning, and provide you with the resources to create an action plan to move forward. Our niche is offering small classes for executives, managers, and consultants in a variety of industries who wish to develop an implementation plan for ML and explore the future of ML for their company.

Check out CAAI’s Machine Learning (ML) for Business Strategy micro-credential courses

Are you brand new to learning about AI and ML and looking for a deep dive bootcamp to learn everything you need to know? Or are you interested in learning the latest in AI and ML to advance your knowledge quickly or pivot in your career?

We offer a niche micro-credentials course in 11-weeks for students, professionals, and members of the public who would like to learn the basics and the latest in AI and ML. This program is designed to help Albertans develop specialized, job-ready skills for you to re-skill or upskill and pivot in your career or re-enter the workforce. 

Check out RoboGarden’s Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence bootcamp

  • Develop in-demand digital skills by learning everything you need to know about ML without prior experience
  • Using real-world case studies, solve challenges through a game-based methodology to practice projects that build professional digital skills
  • Learn through case-based and experiential-based modules
  • Access eight industry speakers – leaders in the tech sector
  • Learn top trends in application design and latest releases of developer environments
  • Learn how to market your new ML skills to secure paid work ahead

Syllabus Summary:

  • Fundamentals of Python Development (50 hours)
  • Data Analysis with Python (50 hours)
  • Classical Machine Learning 1 (50 hours)
  • Classical Machine Learning 2 (50 hours)
  • A Complete Application of Classical Machine Learning (50 hours)
  • Modern Machine Learning 1 (50 hours)
  • Modern Machine Learning 2 (50 hours)
  • A Complete Application of Modern Machine Learning (50 hours)
  • Portfolio Builder (40 hours)
  • Learn to Earn (10 hours) – resume writing, posting to GitHub, etc.

AI and ML Courses for Students

The CAAI offers Concordia University of Edmonton students three learning modes:

1.  Academic for credit courses

  • BSc IT – ML courses
  • MScIT- ML courses

2.  Non-Credit Courses (Office of Extension)

  • Active students or experienced executives and managers to advance their AI and ML skills through micro-credential classes, occasional internships, and potential career opportunities
    • Non Technical ML for Business Strategy
    • AI Bootcamp for those interested in learning AI development

3.  Innovation Launchpad – AI: Niche business development and AI support for student led startups

  • For university students pursuing an AI-focused startup company while in school, CUE’s Innovation Launchpad is a free annual program that will prepare you for the journey ahead. This program helps aspiring entrepreneurs to learn basic business skills to create a viable, desirable, and feasible product or service and prepare for the many steps ahead as you grow your company.
  • CAAI provides additional support to AI-focused startup ideas for students from CUE and any other university. If you are a student entrepreneur, at Concordia University of Edmonton or anywhere else, wishing to build an AI model to support your startup, we can provide you with:
    • Access to GPUs
    • Technical experts to develop, train, and test your AI model
    • Technical ability and insight to support your AI-based startup idea
    • Access to academic research and faculty at CUE to support your idea