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Faculty & Staff


Dr. Apoorva Chauhan
Assistant Professor, Information Technology
Tel: 780-378-8451
Office: L278
Email: apoorva.chauhan@concordia.ab.ca

Dr Makan Golizeh
Program Coordinator, Associate Professor, Chemistry
Tel: 780-378-8449
Office: AW026
Email: makan.golizeh@concordia.ab.ca

Dr Andreas J. Guelzow
Registrar & Associate Vice-President, Enrolment & Planning
Professor, Mathematical & Computing Sciences
Tel: 780-479-9290
Office: HA230
Email: andreas.guelzow@concordia.ab.ca

Dr Nasim Hajari
Assistant Professor, Information Technology
Tel: 780-378-8440
Office: AW113
Email: nasim.hajari@concordia.ab.ca

Dr Sergey Ishutov
Assistant Professor, Earth and Environmental Science
Email: sergey.ishutov@concordia.ab.ca
Phone: +1.780.479.9264
Office: AW019

Dr MD Morshedul Islam
Assistant Professor, Mathematical & Computing Sciences
Tel: 780-479-9362
Office: L259B
Email: mdmorshedul.islam@concordia.ab.ca

Dr Patrick Kamau
Dean of Graduate Studies
Professor, Chemistry/Biochemistry
Tel: 780-479-9261
Office: HA219
Email: patrick.kamau@concordia.ab.ca

Concordia University of Edmonton Mathematics and Computing Science Professor

Dr Rossitza S. Marinova
Professor, Mathematical & Computing Sciences
Tel: 780-378-8430
Office: G114
Email: rossitza.marinova@concordia.ab.ca

Dr Stephen Portillo
Program Coordinator, Mathematical & Physical Sciences Assistant Professor
Tel: 780-378-8439
Office: AW 023
Email: stephen.portillo@concordia.ab.ca

Dr Baidya Saha
Chair, Mathematical & Physical Sciences
Associate Professor
Tel: 780-479-9310
Office: L272
Email: baidya.saha@concordia.ab.ca

Faculty of Science

Dr Owen Scadeng
Associate Professor, Chemistry
Tel: 780-479-9380
Office: AW022
Email: owen.scadeng@concordia.ab.ca

Dr Ha Tran
Associate Professor, Mathematics & Physical Sciences
Tel: 780-479-9360
Office: AW114
Email: ha.tran@concordia.ab.ca

Faculty of Science

Dr John Washington
Associate Professor, Chemistry
Tel: 780-479-9308
Office: L401
Email: john.washington@concordia.ab.ca

Laboratory Instructors

Dr Rhett Clark
Laboratory Instructor, Chemistry
Tel: 780-479-9375
Office: AW027
Email: rhett.clark@concordia.ab.ca

Alison Thomas
Laboratory Instructor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Tel: 780-491-6867
Office: L278
Email: alison.thomas@concordia.ab.ca

Ed Tymchyshyn
Laboratory Instructor, Mathematical & Computing Sciences
Tel: 780-479-9294
Office: G411
Email: ed.tymchyshyn@concordia.ab.ca


Marina Grintsov
Chemistry Laboratory Technologist
Tel: 780-378-8432
Office: G102-B
Email: marina.grintsov@concordia.ab.ca

Anthony Sousa
Laboratory Technician
Office: G110
Email: anthony.sousa@concordia.ab.ca

Sessional Instructors






Professors Emeriti

Faculty of Science

Anthanasios (Tom) Tavouksoglou, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Chemistry & Mathematics
Email: Tom.Tavouktsoglou@concordia.ab.ca

John Woollard, PhD
Professor Emeritus

Faculty of Science

Vladimir Pitchko, PhD
Professor Emeritus Mathematical & Physical Sciences; Professor, Chemistry
Email: Vladimir.Pitchko@concordia.ab.ca


Zoltan Berkes, PhD
Associate Professor, Physics