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Faculty & Staff


Zoltan Berkes, PhD

Associate Professor, Physics

Physics Program Coordinator
Tel: 780-479-9372
Office: FH106

<a href="https://concordia.ab.ca/science/departments/mathematical-physical-sciences/faculty/william-freed/" srcset=Bill Freed, MSc“/>
Bill Freed, MSc

Associate Professor, Mathematics & Physics

Tel: 780-479-9352
Office: FH303

Makan Golizeh
Makan Golizeh, PhD

Assistant Professor, Analytical Chemistry

Tel: 780-378-8449
Office: AW026

<a href="https://concordia.ab.ca/science/departments/mathematical-physical-sciences/faculty/andreas-j-guelzow/">Andreas J. Guelzow, Dipl.-Math. (Kassel), PhD (Manitoba), FTICA</a>“/></div><div class=
Andreas J. Guelzow, Dipl.-Math. (Kassel), PhD (Manitoba), FTICA

Registrar & Director of Enrolment Services
Professor, Mathematical & Computing Sciences

Tel: 780-479-9290
Office: HA230

<a href="https://concordia.ab.ca/science/departments/mathematical-physical-sciences/faculty/svenja-huntemann/" srcset=Svenja Huntemann, PhD“/>
Svenja Huntemann, PhD

Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Tel: 780-378-8447

Patrick Kamau, PhD

Dean of Science
Professor, Biochemistry

Tel: 780-479-9261
Office: HA219

Concordia University of Edmonton Mathematics and Computing Science Professor
Rossitza S. Marinova, PhD

Chair, Professor, Mathematical & Computing Sciences

Tel: 780-378-8430
Office: FH203

Faculty of Science
Vladimir Pitchko, PhD

Professor, Mathematical & Physical Sciences; Professor, Chemistry;
Chemistry Program Coordinator
Office: FH310

Tel: 780-479-9376

Baidya Saha, PhD
Baidya Saha, PhD

Assistant Professor, Mathematics & Computing Sciences

Tel: 780-479-9310
Office: FH203

Faculty of Science
Owen Scadeng, PhD

Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Tel: 780-479-9380
Office: G320D

<a href="https://concordia.ab.ca/science/departments/mathematical-physical-sciences/faculty/ha-tran/" srcset=Ha Tran, PhD“/>
Ha Tran, PhD

Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Tel: 780-479-9360
Office: AW114

Faculty of Science
John Washington, PhD

Associate Professor, Chemistry

Tel: 780-479-9308
Office: L401

Laboratory Instructors

Faculty of Science
Rhett Clark, PhD

Laboratory Instructor & Safety Officer, Chemistry

Tel: 780-479-9375
Office: AW027

Marina Grintsov

Chemistry Laboratory Technologist

Tel: 780-378-8432
Office: G102-B

Kaitlyn Towle-Straub
Kaitlyn Towle-Straub

Laboratory Instructor

Tel: 780-479-9260
Office: G110

<strong srcset=Ed Tymchyshyn“/>
Ed Tymchyshyn

Laboratory Instructor, Mathematical & Computing Sciences

Tel: 780-479-9294
Office: G411

Sessional Instructors

Dr. Igor Voronkov (Lecture Instructor)
Mr. Cristian Cordeiro (Lecture Instructor)
Dr. Rebecca Paliwoda (Laboratory Instructor)
Moses Waithaka, Sessional Instructor, Mathematics

Professors Emeriti

Faculty of Science
Anthanasios (Tom) Tavouksoglou, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Chemistry & Mathematics
Email: Tom.Tavouktsoglou@concordia.ab.ca

John Woollard, PhD
John Woollard, PhD

Professor Emeritus