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Andreas J. Guelzow

Dr. Andreas J. Guelzow
Registrar & Associate Vice-President, Enrolment & Planning
Professor, Mathematical & Computing Sciences
Tel: 780-479-9290
Office: HA230
Email: andreas.guelzow@concordia.ab.ca

Research areas:

Standards for Office Document Formats
Implementations of Spreadsheet Programs
Combinatorics and Universal Algebra, specifically the algebraic representations of Steiner Triple and Quadruple Systems

Personal Website: ajg.pyrshep.ca

Research projects:

Development of the ODF (Opendocument Format) Standard in conjunction with the OASIS ODF TCs
Development of Gnumeric, an Open Source Spreadsheet Implementation

Courses Taught at Concordia University of Edmonton

MAT 113 — Elementary Calculus I
MAT 114 — Elementary Calculus I
MAT 424/CMPT 474 — Formal Languages, Automata and Computability
MAT 200 — Foundations of Mathematics
MAT 441 — Game Theory
MAT 241 — Geometry I
MAT 105 — Heart of Mathematics
MAT 223 — Introduction to Abstract Algebra
MAT/CMPT 424 — Introduction to Combinatorics
IT 101 — Introduction to Computers and Computer Networks
IT 201 — Introduction to Computer Security
CMPT 111 — Introduction to Computing Science
MAT 321 — Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
MAT 247 — Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
MAT 151 — Introduction to Statistical Methods
MAT 120 — Linear Algebra I
MAT 121 — Linear Algebra II
MAT 103 — Mathematical Methods for the Life Sciences
MAT 491 — Mathematical Modelling
MAT 102 — Mathematical Motif
IT 102 — Operating Systems and Graphical User Interfaces
CMPT 301 — Practical Programming Methodology
MAT 401 — Real Analysis I
MAT 402 — Real Analysis II
IS 304 — Software Design and Review
CMPT 112 — Structured Programming and Data Structures
MAT 400 — Thesis in Mathematics
MAT 422 — Topics in Abstract Algebra
MAT 442 — Topics in Probability Theory and Statistics

Selected Publications:

B. Ganter, A. Gülzow, R. Mathon, A. Rosa: A complete census of (10,3,2) block designs of Mendelsohn triple systems of order 10, part iv: (10,3,2) designs with repeated blocks. Mathematische Schriften Kassel5/78

A. J. Gülzow: Das allgemeinste Dreieck. Praxis der Mathematik 23 1981

A. J. Gülzow: Die verschiedenen Nilpotenzbegriffe in der Theorie der distributiven Squags im Vergleich. Diplomarbeit, Gesamthochschule Kassel, Universität des Landes Hessen, Federal Republic of Germany, 1983

A. Gülzow, G. Kreuzer, C. Maraun, E. Müller, M. Paul, H.Werner: Der Verlust der Individualität (Zur Verkettung von Abbildungen). In: H. Kautschisch, W. Metzler (Edit.): Mathematische Anschauung und Mathematikfilm (2. Workshop zur Visualisierung in der Mathematik in Klagenfurt), Schriftenreihe Didaktik der Mathematik, Universität Klagenfurt, Teubner Stuttgart, 1983

A. J. Gülzow: Dokumentation: Trickfilmgrafik. Interdisziplinäre Arbeitsgruppe Mathematisierung (IAGM), Gesamthochschule Kassel, Internal Report, 1983

A. Guelzow: Address Magician. (Macintosh deskaccessory). Diskworld for the Macintosh No. 11, Softdisk Inc., Shreveport, 1989

A. J. Guelzow: Note Manager. (Macintosh deskaccessory). Diskworld for the Macintosh No. 15, Softdisk Inc., Shreveport, 1989

A. Guelzow: Art Chooser. (Macintosh deskaccessory). Diskworld for the Macintosh No. 4, Softdisk Inc., Shreveport 1988. Republished in DTPublisher, Tools, v. 1 Softdisk Inc., Shreveport, 1990

A. J. Guelzow: EPSF Viewer. (Macintosh deskaccessory). DTPublisher, v. 3, Softdisk Inc., Shreveport, 1990

A. J. Guelzow: Some classes of E-minimal algebras of affine type: nilpotent squags, p-groups and nilpotent SQS-skeins. PhD thesis, University of Manitoba, 1991

A. J. Guelzow: The class of nilpotence of E-minimal algebras of affine type. Technical report, Brandon University, 1992

A. J. Guelzow: Semiboolean SQS-skeins. Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics2(2), 1992: 147-151

A. J. Guelzow: The structure of nilpotent Steiner quadruple systems. Journal of Combinatorial Designs1 (4), 1993: 301-321

A. J. Guelzow: Representation of finite nilpotent squags. Discrete Mathematics 154, 1996: 63-76

A. J. Guelzow et al: The Gnumeric Manual. A manual for the open source spreadsheet program Gnumeric, 2001 to 2017

A. J. Guelzow et al: Gnumeric. An open source spreadsheet program for the GNOME desktop, 2001 to 2017