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Rhett Clark

Dr. Rhett Clark
Laboratory Instructor, Chemistry
Tel: 780-479-9375
Office: AW027
Email: rhett.clark@concordia.ab.ca

Faculty of Science

Book Chapter:

Nanomaterials in the Environment; the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Clark, R. J.; Veinot, J. G. C. and Wong, C. S. in Trace Analysis with Nanomaterials. David T. Pierce and Julia X. Zhao Eds. Wiley-VHC, Weinheim, 2010, 255-282.

Journal articles:

From Hydrogen Silsesquioxane to Functionalized Silicon Nanocrystals. Clark, R. J.; Aghajamali, M.; Gonzalez, C. M.; Hadidi, L.; Islam, M. A.; Javadi, M.; Mobarok, M. H.; Purkait, T. K.; Robidillo, C. T.; Sinelnikov, R.; Thiessen, A. N.; Washington, J.; Yu, H. and Veinot, J. G. C. Chemistry of Materials2017, 29(1), 80-89.

Exploration of Organic Acid Chain Length on Water-Soluble Silicon Quantum Dot Surfaces. Clark, R. J.; Dang, M. K. M. and Veinot, J. G. C. Langmuir2010, 26 (19), 15657 – 15664.

Accurate UV-visible Spectral Analysis of Thiomolybdates. Reid, R. Stephen; Clark, Rhett J.; Quagraine, Emmanuel K. Canadian Journal of Chemistry, 2007, 85 (12), 1075-1082.