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Faculty & Staff


Dr Xin Chen
Associate Professor
Email: xin.chen@concordia.ab.ca
Phone: +1.780.479.9271
Office: G120

PhD, 1998, Entomology, Washington State University
DSci, 1993, Population Biology & Ecology, University of Avignon and INRA
MS, 1986, Plant Protection, Nanjing Agricultural University, P.R. China
BS, 1983, Henan Agricultural University, P.R. China

Dr Deborah Hemmerling
Email: deborah.hemmerling@concordia.ab.ca
Phone: +1.780.479.9265
Office: G112

PhD, 1999, Medical Microbiology & Immunology, University of Alberta
MSc, 1989, Virology, University of New Brunswick
BSc, 1982, Biology, Mount Allison University
Department: Biology and Environmental Science

Dr Mariola Janowicz
Associate Professor and Department Chair
Email: mariola.janowicz@concordia.ab.ca
Phone: +1.780.479.9263
Office: G116

Ph.D. 2011, Agricultural Sciences with the specialization in Fisheries, West Pomeranian University of Technology, Poland
MSc, 1999, Environmental Biology and Ecology, University of Alberta MSc, 1986, Fish Biology and Systematics, University of Agriculture, Poland
BSc, 1984, Ichthyology, Sea Exploitation and Conservation, University of Agriculture, Poland.

Dr Emmanuel Mapfumo
Associate Professor, Environmental Services
Email: emmanuel.mapfumo@concordia.ab.ca
Phone: +1.780.479.9267
Office: G118

PhD 1997, Soil Science, University of Alberta
MSc 2007, Applied Statistics, Sheffield Hallam University
MSc 1994, Agricultural Science, University of Adelaide
BSc 1990, Honours in Agriculture

Sergey Ishutov
Associate Professor, Earth and Environmental Science
Email: sergey.ishutov@concordia.ab.ca
Phone: +1.780.479.9264
Office: L278

Laboratory Instructors

Dr Glynis Price
Email: glynis.price@concordia.ab.ca
Phone: +1.780.479.9266
Office: G318

Ph.D. Environmental and Life Sciences, Trent University
MS-Forensic Genetics, 2006, University of North Texas Health Science Centre
BSc, 2004, Concordia University College of Alberta

Natasha Pentyliuk
Email: natasha.pentyliuk@concordia.ab.ca
Phone: +1.780.491.6859
Office: G312

Kyle Springer
Email: kyle.springer@concordia.ab.ca
Phone: +1.780.378.8463
Office: G312

Alison Thomas
Email: alison.thomas@concordia.ab.ca
Phone: +1.780.491.6867
Office: L278

Laboratory Technicians

Mr Devin Hughes
Laboratory Manager
Email: devin.hughes@concordia.ab.ca
Phone: +1.780.479.9361
Office: G103-A

BSc, 2009, Concordia University College of Alberta

Ms Emily Pollock
Laboratory Technician
Email: emily.pollock@concordia.ab.ca
Phone: +1.780.479.9361
Office: G103A

BSc. 2015, Concordia University of Edmonton

Sessional Instructors

Dr John Walsh (Lecture Instructor)
Dr. Praise Nyade (Lecture Instructor)
Dr. Rineke Steenbergen (Lecture Instructor)
Dr. Xenia Rybkina (Lecture instructor)
Ms. Tara Androschuk (lecture Instructor)
Ms. Maggie Ganes (Lab Instructor)
Ms. Anna Jovtoulia (Lab Instructor)
Ms. Brittney Miller (Lab Instructor)

Professors Emeriti

Dr. Sheri Dalton
Dr. Harriet Harris