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Chemistry Minor

The Chemistry Minor for the 3-year or 4-year BA or BSc consists of 18-24 credits Chemistry credits. Of these, 6 credits must be used for CH101 and CH102 (introductory Chemistry) while the remaining 12-18 credits are chosen by the student. Of note is that BIOCH 200 may be used to partially fulfil the requirements for the Minor.

Students with a Major in other areas of Science (Mathematics, Biology, or Environmental Science) often find that the degree requirements include courses that may be used towards a Chemistry Minor. The large number of unspecified credits in the Chemistry Minor ensures maximum flexibility and allows the student to easily fit a Chemistry Minor into their program of study. Although less common, the open nature of course choices coupled with reasonable pre-requisites in Senior-level courses make the Chemistry Minor accessible to students pursuing a BA degree.

See the Academic Calendar for further information about this Minor.