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Dr. Emmanuel Mapfumo takes on Canada’s Bread Basket as Climates Change

Dr. Emmanuel Mapfumo’s research on the impact of climate change in the prairies has gained great traction and necessary attention. Dr. Mapfumo alongside Dick Puurveen has written a publication on a research review showing that the Prairie provinces have become hotter and drier over the last 120 years.

You can read the full article here: Canada’s Agricultural Bread Basket is Getting Hotter and Drier, Study Shows

You can also listen to the QR Calgary Radio interview with Dr. Emmanuel Mapfumo on this great research here: Agriculture vs Climate Change

Dr. Mapfumo is also featured in the following publications for his outstanding research:

Our very own Dr. Nasim Hajari was able to showcase a Concordia University of Edmonton’s Science Department project on the Smart Waste app on CTV! Check out Dr Nasim’s interview here!

The Smart Waste app is an innovative tool based on computer vision to help households and businesses separate their waste and improve their recycling habits. An efficient waste separation at the household level will significantly improve the waste management centers and processors’ jobs. Roseridge Waste Management Center in Sturgeon County is the first center to implement and offer its customers the developed app. Roseridge and MITACS supported my research program at Concordia University of Edmonton and provided this opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students in the IT program to develop this system. We will expand the system in the future and develop a more advanced version for waste management centers and processors to automate some of their manual tasks.