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The 3- and 4-year biology programs at Concordia University of Edmonton are designed to give you a broad understanding of the foundational concepts in biology. You will be exposed to extensive laboratory experience that supports and expands upon concepts discussed in lecture while allowing you to gain a variety of practical skills. The emphasis streams in the 4-year program (Cellular and Molecular Biology, and Integrative Biology) provide you with the opportunity to study a particular area of biology in depth within the context of a liberal arts education.

Graduates have acquired knowledge and skills such as thinking analytically, researching, and understand interactions between organisms at various levels. These skills will allow entry into laboratory or field jobs, or further study in areas such as Education and Public Health. As a graduate of the 4-year program, you will be prepared for entry to graduate or professional school, a career, and professional certification by, for example, the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists.

Several of Biology courses are offered in alternating years. The Biology Course Rotation show which courses are offered each year and which are offered every other year.

Program Requirements
3-Year Biology Concentration
4-Year Biology Major
3-Year Environmental Science Concentration
4-Year Environmental Science Major

Please consult the Academic Calendar.