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Dual Degree in Science & Management

Earn your Bachelor degrees in Science in Chemistry and in Management at the same time!

“It would have been advantageous to have had a broader background in business management and principles at this point in my career and a better understanding of what was of importance to corporate management,” says one business leader of his early career, when this unique program was presented.

Gain both a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree and a Bachelor of Management degree, within a 5-year timespan, and gain an incredible advantage for your future career.

With this dual degree program, you will graduate with both a business and a chemistry background. A host of career possibilities will open for you as you work on independent, ethical, intellectual, and creative work, the building of ever-important and sought-after transferable skills, and build your skills and networks with the experience of an industry-specific internship.

“The combined degree in Chemistry and Management will give graduates from your program the skills to set up their own businesses, become successful technical entrepreneurs, or to compete for science management positions in industry and government,” says the Association of the Chemical Profession of Alberta.

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For more information contact us at 780-479-8481 or email info@concordia.ab.ca.