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Research Commercialization

The BMO-CIAR reviews commercialization opportunities and assists CUE members in translating discoveries emanating from university labs across campus and beyond.

It is important to note that you engage with BMO-CIAR before disclosure is submitted. This disclosure can include a class presentation, poster presentation, publication in a journal or an email disclosing the invention in the absence of a confidentiality agreement. 

BMO-CIAR can identify key issues and advise on the best commercialization path if chooses by the inventor of the technology. At BMO-CIAR we work with you to develop an optimal strategy towards commercialization. Our process from the time of invention disclosure to the commercialization stage is summarized below:

1. Invention Disclosure

The confidential information disclosure form is completed by the principal investigator (in case of academic staff) or the inventor (in case of non-academic staff). This form is confidential and is only used for the purpose of invention assessment and commercialization. These forms are not shared with and must not be disclosed to any external party in the absence of a confidentiality agreement. 

Disclose your invention

Please choose the form relevant to you:

  • Invention disclosure form for academic staff – coming soon
  • Invention disclosure form for non-academic staff – coming soon

2. Invention Assessment

BMO-CIAR assesses the commercialization potential of the invention by conducting a thorough assessment of the prior art, third party commitments (if there are any), market research and an intellectual property landscape. We use several market research and intellectual property databases to conduct the assessment.   

3. Protection of the Invention

Our team will work closely with the inventor(s) to seek legal protection of Intellectual Property. This is done in accordance with the commercialization and revenue sharing procedures at CUE.

CUE offers two commercialization choices to our inventors – through CUE or independently. 

For additional information on the Intellectual Property Policy please contact the BMO-CIAR Office or refer to the Intellectual Property Policy.

4. Marketing and Outreach

Once the intellectual property has been protected, the BMO-CIAR along with other relevant units at CUE will develop several avenues to assist the commercialization of the invention. This may include active marketing of the technology, assistance with industry-academia collaboration, and spin-off creation among other services. 

5. Agreements and Licensing

Executed agreements between the inventors, CUE, and industry partners are the essential first step to creating a fruitful relationship to further the development of the research and associated inventions. BMO-CIAR is the authorized office for drafting, negotiation, and execution of industry associated agreements such as the material transfer agreement, confidentiality agreement, option agreement, and licensing agreements. Please see the Agreement Request and Review section below for additional details. 

6. Follow-up and Compliance

We remain in regular touch with CUE faculty and external industry members to ensure milestones are met and resources are available to foster the collaboration or partnership.


If you would like further information, please contact ciar@concordia.ab.ca.