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General Admission Requirements

Graduate Studies at Concordia University of Edmonton offers students a chance to follow their studies to a higher level across an array of unique programs and diverse fields. Here students are able to dig deeper, follow their passions, and impact society at local, national and international levels. Graduates leave their programs enlightened and prepared to take on a career in their respective field.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies sets a minimum academic standard for admission for both Canadian and international applicants. Each year Concordia receives more applications than we have available from many outstanding applicants; meeting the minimum admission requirements does not necessarily guarantee admission.

To be considered for the Faculty of Graduate Studies, all applicants must present the following minimum requirements:

  • A four-year baccalaureate degree from Concordia University of Edmonton or its equivalent from a recognized institution. Individual graduate programs may recommend applicants as qualifying/probationary students (e.g., those with three-year degrees).
  • An admission grade point average (AGPA) of 3.0 (on Concordia University of Edmonton’s 4-point scale) or equivalent on the most recent 60 credits of undergraduate (or graduate) study.
  • Demonstrated fulfilment of the English Language Requirement.

Individual graduate programs may impose additional admission requirements.

Program Specific Admission Requirements

Graduate Degree Programs

Graduate Diploma Programs

Graduate Certificate Programs