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Visiting Student Admission

Visiting Undergraduate Students

Students who are registered at other post-secondary institutions may attend Concordia University of Edmonton with the permission of their institution. Applicants must submit an Application Form and the original visiting student letter from the Registrar of the institution at which they are registered. Official transcripts are required to establish the completion of prerequisite courses or fulfilment of the English Language Requirement, section 3.1.3. Course selection may be limited.

Visiting Graduate Students

Western Deans Agreement

If you are a graduate student and wish to take a course for credit in your graduate program at an institution that is part of the Western Dean’s Agreement (WDA), you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Fill out the WDA authorization form, which can be found online at http://wcdgs.ca/western-deans-agreement.html.
  2. Have the Faculty of Graduate Studies at your home institution complete Part 1 under Home Institution. Your institution will forward the completed form to the Faculty of Graduate Studies at Concordia for approval.
  3. When approval has been granted, you will need to submit a completed application to Concordia University of Edmonton for admission as a Visiting student.