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Internship Opportunities

The BMO-CIAR is the hub for innovation and applied research activities at CUE. It offers a paid 12-week internship in the areas of technology transfer and entrepreneurial education that follows the academic semester. This is an excellent opportunity for students to explore a career that requires a blend of scientific expertise and business insights. The internship has two phases: 

  1. Instruction phase: This phase provides an overview of topics such as:
    • Intellectual property protection: patents, copyrights, trademarks, CUE’s IP policy and procedures
    • Invention disclosure assessment including: intellectual property protection, market potential, development status, prior art searching
    • Marketing: drafting confidential/non-confidential executive summaries/briefing notes, term sheets and negotiations, startup commons overview, Lean Stack model orientation
  2. Assignment Phase: Each intern will be assigned a specific task e.g. prior art search, technology marketing, Innovation Launchpad related activities etc. Each intern will work with the Director of BMO-CIAR or relevant applied research centre to apply skills learned in the instructional phase in commercializing early-stage technologies and supporting early-stage entrepreneurs. 

Internship Requirements:

  1. CUE students with full-time enrollment status; 3rd or 4th year or Masters level only 
  2. Enrolled in science/management dual degree program preferred
  3. Can commit 10-15 hours per week 
  4. Be in good academic standing and be able to get approval from their Dean

Apply for internship

Submit the following information via email to ciar@concordia.ab.ca

  1. Term you wish to intern 
  2. Cover letter
  3. Resume

This internship program is highly competitive and no one is guaranteed admittance. Nor is there any implied or guaranteed offer of employment upon completion of the internship. The term of the internship may be renewed for additional semesters upon the discretion of the Director, Industry and Innovation.