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Agreement Request and Review

BMO-CIAR assists CUE members in drafting, negotiating and executing applied research agreements. Based on the needs of the collaboration for applied research, BMO-CIAR will identify relevant agreement templates, work on developing a term sheet to build mutually agreeable terms of the agreement. This term sheet will then be converted to legally binding agreement. 

The most common terms of an Agreement include:

  1. The Effective Date;
  2. The Term or “duration” of the Agreement;
  3. The Scope;
  4. The Confidentiality terms;
  5. The Parties;
  6. Any Warranties or Representations;
  7. The Consideration (ie. “What are you giving in return for the right to use the innovation”);
  8. Grant-back Rights (ie. Rights to use invention for educational and basic research purposes);
  9. Liabilities;
  10. Lack of Compliance – rights and damages; 
  11. IP rights.


If you would like further information, please contact ciar@concordia.ab.ca.