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Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership

About this Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership (GCEL) at Concordia University of Edmonton (CUE) is designed to support the educational leadership certification requirements of Alberta Education.

How this Certificate is Offered

  • 12-credit graduate certificate program over an 8-month period
  • Part-time
  • Online delivery

Students complete four graduate courses, each designed to support Alberta Education’s Leadership Quality Standard (LQS) and the Superintendent Leadership Quality Standard (SLQS). They also meet the Canadian Degree Qualifications Framework (CDQF) for graduate courses.

The courses are intended to be taken in sequence; however, some individuals may take them in an order that meets their particular needs in relation to Alberta Education certification. Students who take these courses have the opportunity to earn both Alberta Education certification credentials and the Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership from CUE.

Who Should Apply?

The program caters to Alberta teachers, educational consultants, learning coaches, and school administrators who desire to further their professional learning.

We believe that engaging in deep conversation, study, and research on the broader questions surrounding educational leadership will improve outcomes for all stakeholders. Our objective is to cultivate forward-thinking educational leaders whose work is informed by current research, whose practice and pedagogy will lead to improvements in schools where leadership is crucial to student learning, and whose presence will positively impact the community at large.

Also see Section 13.5.1 of the Academic Calendar.

For more information contact: dean.education@concordia.ab.ca