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Dr. Brent Bradford

Assistant Professor

BEd – Elementary Education (Generalist), Physical Education Minor (University of Alberta)
DipEd – Elementary Education, Physical Education (University of Alberta)
MEd – Elementary Education, Physical Education (University of Alberta)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – Elementary Education, Physical Education) (University of Alberta)

Dr. Brent Bradford has taught at both the Elementary and Junior High school levels. After a decade of being a school teacher and being recognized for his work in the area of Physical and Health Education (e.g., HPEC Award, 2001; CAHPERD Young Professional Award, 2003), he returned to the University of Alberta (UofA) to pursue graduate work and to teach at the post-secondary level. In 2011, Dr. Bradford was the recipient of the UofA Graduate Student Teaching Award. In addition to senior-level post-secondary teaching, Dr. Bradford has taught graduate level curriculum theory at St. Francis Xavier University.

Dr. Bradford has authored or co-authored extensively in the field of Physical and Health Education, and Education. Dr. Bradford has recently co-authored two teacher education textbooks (Health Education [2017]; Physical Education [2018]). Brent has presented on a variety of educational topics to provincial, national, and international audiences. Recently, as an Erasmus+ and Mobile+ scholar (2016), Brent presented his research methodology and findings to undergraduate students at University of the Basque Country (Bilbao, Spain), and was an invited keynote speaker at the Western Deans of Education (WADE) 2017 Conference (Banff, Canada). Dr. Bradford’s research interests focus on Physical and Health Education, fundamental movement skill development, daily physical activity (DPA) policy and initiatives, student wellness, Social Studies, effective teaching, and teacher education.

Dr. Bradford’s contribution to higher education is quite diverse. He currently sits on the Board of Directors for Physical & Health Education (PHE) Canada (Alberta and NWT Representative), is the Editor of Runner Journal (The Journal of the Health and Physical Education [HPEC] Council of Alberta Teachers’ Association), and is a research Advisor for UNICEF Canada’s Canadian Index of Child and Youth Well-Being. Brent has also served as a Board Member on PHE Canada’s Physical Education/Physical Literacy committee, Program Reviewer (SHAPE America National Convention & Expo), and Associate Editor in various academic journals. Dr. Bradford is a member of the Education Society of Edmonton.

Selected Books

Gleddie, D., Hickson, C., & Bradford, B. (2018). Physical Education for Elementary School Teachers. Ripon Publishing: Victoria, BC.

Berg, S. Hickson, C., Bradford, B. & Fishburne, G. (2017). Teaching for health & wellness in children and youth. Ripon Publishing: Victoria, BC.

Selected Book Chapters

Berg, S., Bradford, B., & Robinson, D.B. (2018). A comprehensive school health (CSH) approach to flourishing schools. In S. Cherkowski & K. Walker (Ed.) Perspectives on Flourishing in Schools. Lexington Books: Lanham, MD.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Articles (since 2015)

Berg, S., Bradford, B., Robinson, D., & Wells, M. (2018). Got health? A student-led health promotion program in British Columbia, Canada. Canadian Journal of Action Research, 19(1), 33-47.

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Selected Non Peer-Reviewed Articles (Since 2015)

Evaniew, A., Hickson, C., & Bradford, B. (2018). Winter physical activities: C O L D E R can be better. PHE America. http://www.pheamerica.org/2018/winter-physical-activities-c-o-l-d-e-r-can-be-better

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