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Education Minor

Program Focus

The Education Minor provides students with enhanced foundational knowledge of the field of Education, as a component of coursework within their undergraduate studies. It is anticipated that the Education Minor will serve students who choose to continue their studies in the Bachelor of Education (After Degree) program. It is also anticipated that it will provide students who choose other career paths, with an understanding of the field of Education that they can draw upon in their professional and personal lives as community members and taxpayers.

Program Governance and Administration

The Education Minor is under the mandate of the Faculty of Education and the supervision of the Dean of Education.

Program Requirements 18-24 credits required, to include:

a) ED 199 Introduction on to the Profession of Teaching

b) EDPS 200 Educational Psychology for Teaching

c) PESS 293 Introduction to the Movement Activities of Children Aged 5-12

d) 6-9 credits from:

  • EDFD 321 Children’s Literature in the Elementary Classroom or ENG 399 Classics of Children’s Literature in English
  • EDFD 341 Concepts of Childhood in History
  • EDPS 341 Psychology of Exceptional Children and Youth
  • HIS 369 Indigenous Peoples and Canada since 1800
  • MUED 214 Music Literacy for Children

e) 3-6 credits chosen from:

  • PESS, PACT, PAT, or DAN courses.

Education Minor (PDF)