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Employment Processes Program

The Employment Processes Program is a service offered to students in Year Two of Concordia University of Edmonton’s Bachelor of Education (After Degree) program. The program is designed to enhance students’ understanding about the diversity of hiring processes among provincial school authorities and is intended to assist students in their transition from university studies to the field of education.

Employment Preparation Seminars

Timeframe: Through the month of January – Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Topics include the following:

  • Résumé Writing and Cover Letters
  • Interview Preparation
  • Online Application Processes
  • Alberta Education Teacher Certification Process
  • Teacher Qualifications Service

Attendance is required and professional attire is strongly encouraged.

Career Fairs

Timeframe: From the end of January through to mid-February, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00pm to 6:00pm

  • Presentations by school district representatives
  • Five career fairs, each with sessions by three to four school boards

Attendance is required and professional attire is strongly encouraged.

Employment Mentorship

Timeframe: From mid-January through February, three meeting dates

  • Small group employment mentorship
  • Mentors are former principals and consultants
  • Mentors provide coaching, guidance, and support

Professional Employment Portfolio

Timeframe: September – December

All Year Two students are required to prepare a professional employment portfolio. The portfolio is developed to highlight the degree to which students’ practices are congruent with their beliefs and current educational theory. Portfolios include:

  • Teaching philosophy statement, résumé, field experience evaluations
  • Collection of artifacts based on the Teaching Quality Standard (TQS)
  • Support documentation for use in the employment process

Employment Processes Highlight Sheet (PDF)