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Dr. Teresa Fowler

Dr. Teresa Anne Fowler is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Education at Concordia University of Edmonton, Department of Physical Education and Wellness.


  • Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in Physics and Minor in Mathematics; University of Alberta
  • Master of Education, Curriculum and Instruction; University of New Brunswick
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Curriculum and Learning; University of Calgary

Research Interests

Dr. Fowler’s research expertise centers around critical white masculinities and the impact on various aspects of society, specifically hockey culture. Through her work, she aims to explore the complexities of gender identity and challenge traditional notions of masculinity, seeking to promote healthier and more inclusive understandings of masculinities. Particularly, she investigates the intersection between masculinity and mental health, examining how societal expectations and stereotypes surrounding masculinity stemming from hockey culture influence boy’s and men’s mental well-being. Her multidisciplinary research draws from education, sociology, psychology, gender, and cultural studies.

Dr. Fowler is also interested in developing critical energy literacy and knowledge to respond to the climate crisis among preservice teachers. Her research seeks to identify strategies to improve environmental literacy and empower teachers to engage in environmental education by examining environmental justice and equity issues. Her research investigates how social and cultural factors intersect with masculinity and environmental issues. She aims to develop inclusive educational practices that address environmental injustices.

Dr. Fowler actively collaborates with researchers from academia and industry, fostering interdisciplinary research and promoting knowledge exchange. She has successfully secured grants from prestigious funding agencies to support her research endeavours, enabling her to lead research projects and supervise students.

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