Admissions Deadlines

The following are admission deadlines for undergraduate programs. For Graduate Studies deadlines, visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies website.

Bachelor of Arts, Management and Science

For New, Transfer and Returning Students:

  Fall Semester Winter Semester Spring/Summer Semester
Application June 30 November 1 March 1
Final Documents August 1 November 15 March 15

Psychology (Applied Emphasis)

Application May 1
Interim Documents May 1
Final Documents August 1

Bachelor of Education

Application May 1
Interim Documents May 1
Final Documents June 15

Bachelor of Environmental Health

  Fall Semester Spring/Summer Semesters
Application May 1 Feb 15
Interim Documents May 1 Feb 15
Final Documents June 15 March 15

International Undergraduate

  Fall Semester Winter Semester Spring/Summer Semester
Application May 1 October 1
Interim Documents May 15  
Final Documents August 1 October 15

Entrance Scholarships

Apply by April 1 to qualify for Entrance Scholarships.

Concordia University of Edmonton (CUE) rewards students who have achieved academic excellence prior to entering CUE. We do this through our CUE Entrance Scholarship Program. High School students with an award average of 75% or higher are eligible for a renewable scholarship.


  1. Applicants planning to begin university studies in the Winter Semester should be aware that intake and course selection is limited. Apply early.

  2. "Documents" refer to official academic transcripts and supporting documents required to complete an application for admission (e.g., English language proficiency, Confidential Assessment Form, Volunteer/Work Experience Record, etc.).

  3. Applicants to the Psychology (Applied Emphasis) and after-degree (AD) programs are advised that ALL supporting documents and interim academic transcripts are due on the Interim Documents deadline.

  4. International applicants applying to programs with earlier deadlines must submit all relevant information by the program's deadline. International applicants are strongly advised to submit documents as soon as they become available. 

  5. Entrance scholarships are available to high school applicants entering their first year of university study in Arts, Management, or Science. See Financial Matters for complete information.

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