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Health & Safety

Our commitment to you

CUE is committed to providing a safe and healthy work, learning and research environment.

Occurence Process

To ensure all appropriate parties are aware of an occurrence involving a CUE Member, an Occurrence Report must be completed whenever there is a health or safety incident, accident or injury during the course of a Worker completing their accountabilities, on or off campus.

As a Worker or a Supervisor, all CUE Members have a responsibility to support a safe and healthy environment. Please refer to the steps below to take related to reporting an occurrence.

Please ensure all parties are safe and out of danger prior to completing the Occurrence Report.

Worker (Faculty, Staff, Student, Guest) Occurrence Reporting Responsibilities:

As a member of the CUE Community, if you are involved in a health and safety incident, accident or injury on campus, or during the course of your duties off campus, you must complete the Occurrence Report.

The Occurrence Report can be accessed here or at https://bit.ly/CUE-Occur. You will need your CUE faculty, staff or student credentials to log-in to access the Occurrence Report.

Please advise your Supervisor and Human Resources at hr@concordia.ab.ca when you have completed the WCB online reporting.

Supervisor (Manager, Dean, Director, Vice-President or similar):

If one of your faculty, staff or guest is involved in a health and safety incident, accident or injury, you must review your Worker’s Occurrence Report, sign and submit the completed Occurrence Report to ohsreports@concordia.ab.ca.

As a Supervisor, you may also need to also complete a WCB Employer Report of Injury.

If required, the Employer submission must be done within 72 hours after becoming aware of the accident or injury. As a Supervisor please fill out as much as possible in the Employer Report of Injury Form downloadable from  Alberta WCB website at https://www.wcb.ab.ca/claims/report-an-injury/for-employers.html.

Once you have completed the WCB form to the best of your ability, please send the form to Human Resources at hr@concordia.ab.ca as soon as possible.

Please discuss and consult with your Worker to ensure they are aware of the Occurrence Report and the WCB Worker Report.

Report an incident at any time

Workplace safety incidents can also be reported to a 24-hour phone line that CUE subscribes to: 1.877.473.3375.

When calling, you will be asked to provide the date, time, location and description of the incident as well as the name of the organization (Concordia University of Edmonton), Worker name and Supervisor name.

Completed reports should be sent to ohsreports@concordia.ab.ca