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Waste and Recycling Management

Concordia University of Edmonton is actively making some changes to reduce our impact on the environment and reduce waste. We have purchased some attractive new bins, but do you know how to use them?

Waste Bins (Black Bins)

These bins are for general garbage:

  • Coffee cups, candy wrappers, chip bags, cleaning wipes, band-aids, cutlery, styrofoam, bottle caps, lids (plastic /metal), broken glass, plastic wrap, foil wrappers, pens / pencils, plastic bags

Cans & Bottles Bins (Blue Bins)

These bins are for refundable:

  • Aluminum cans, milk jugs, juice pouches or cans, water bottles, plastic bottles (pop, juice, or water), pop & sport drink bottles, plastic-foil juice pouches

Organics Bins (Green / Kitchen Bins)

These bins are for food scraps:

  • Pizza, meat, fruit, vegetables, cheese, bread, cereal, nuts, other food items, pizza boxes, popsicle sticks, used facial tissue, used paper towel, coffee filters/grounds, tea bags, peanut shells

Feel free to print out our What Goes Where? poster to help guide you when you’re not sure.

What Goes Where Poster