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Fire Alarm / General Evacuation

Fire Alarm / General Evacuation

  • Activate the fire alarm at the closest pull-station.
  • If the fire is small, use a fire extinguisher. Only use a fire extinguisher if you know how. Do not endanger yourself.
  • Follow the evacuation procedures and exit via the nearest safe exit.
  • Call 911 followed by Campus Security (780) 479-8761 or *5555 from an internal phone and identify the location of the fire.
  • Let a Response Team Member and/or Campus Security know of individuals still in the building.

If you hear a fire alarm

  • Leave the area by the nearest exit. Do Not Use the Elevator.
  • Close doors behind you, but do not lock them.
  • Follow instructions by Response Team Members, Campus Security, and/or staff.
  • Proceed to the nearest Muster Point, evacuation route maps are located in all classrooms.
  • Do not re-enter the building until the All Clear is given.

NOTE: If you require additional assistance to evacuate or relocate, go to the nearest stairwell exit. Use your cell phone to call 911 and/or Campus Security Services and provide your location. In addition, ask others who are evacuating to advise emergency personnel of your location. Do not obstruct stairwell access while waiting for assistance.

If you cannot evacuate due to fire or smoke

  • Close the doors between you and the fire.
  • Call 911 then Campus Security 780 479 8761 or 5555 from an internal phone and identify your location.
  • Stuff damp material, if available, around any openings to prevent smoke from coming in.

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

Only use a fire extinguisher if you feel safe and comfortable to do so. Fire extinguishers are meant for use on small fires. If the fire is too big and / or you have already used one fire extinguisher, leave the area and get to safety.

Call 911, then Security. Ensure that you are using the correct class of extinguisher. Stand 6 to 8 feet away from the fire.

It’s easy to remember the steps to use a fire extinguisher:

P – Pull the pin

A – Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire

S – Squeeze the trigger or lever

S – Sweep side to side

Continue to sweep the dry chemical onto the fire until it is out. If it start up again, repeat until it’s out.