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Bachelor of Science

High School Requirements

To be admissible into Science, applicants must normally present passing grades and a final minimum overall admission average of 60% from a combination of the five courses listed below:

  1. English Language Arts 30-1
  2. Mathematics 30-1 or Mathematics 30-2
  3. Two of Biology 30, Chemistry 30 or Physics 30
  4. One subject from Group A, B, C, and/or D

Note: Specific university-level equivalents (refer to Table 3.2.1.B) may be used to substitute for high school course deficiencies.

Please consult the following documents to see which classes meet these guidelines:

Grade 12 Subject Classification

Out-of-Province High School Equivalency

Early Admission may be granted to applicants to Science prior to receiving final grades if they present an admission average over 65% after submitting a minimum of two final or interim grades.

To be considered for Early Admission, applicants must disclose their final or interim grades for any Grade 12 (or equivalent) courses in-progress or completed as well as disclose any courses they intend to take before completing their diplomas.


International student applicants must present the five program-specific subjects and minimum admission average of 60% for Science and the appropriate secondary school qualifications to be considered. Please check the following qualifications by country, and contact us if your country is not listed.

Entry Level International Credential Table

Special Admissions

In some exceptional circumstances, applicants who do not meet standard admission requirements may be admitted by special admission. Entrance is at the discretion of Admissions. Supporting documents may be required.

Concordia University of Edmonton assesses applications for special admission on an individual basis. Applicants seeking special admission should apply early as their circumstances may require more time to assess.

Applicants admitted under special admission requirements are placed on academic probation and may be required to reduce their course load in the first semester of study, and may not withdraw from courses they are taking to fulfill Grade 12 subject deficiencies.

Jump Start (Grade 11)

Students in Grade 11 who want to enter Science at Concordia University of Edmonton can apply to our Jump Start program.

From January 1 to June 15, 2016, students in Grade 11 can apply to enter Science in September 2017.

Applicants should present an admission average of 65% from a combination of the five Grade 11 courses listed below and should be on track to take the Grade 12 sequel courses:

  1. English Language Arts 20-1
  2. Three subjects from Group A, B, and/or C. A maximum of two Group B may be presented for admission; the subjects must be from different subject areas
  3. One subject from Group A, B, C, and/or D

Students that do not take advantage of Jump Start may apply for admission for Fall 2017 any time after October 1, 2016.

Applicants should present five appropriate Grade 11 courses needed for their specific program of studies and be on track to take the Grade 12 sequel courses at an equal or greater course level. Specific program requirements still apply.

All applicants are considered for Jump Start with an admission average of 65% for Science.

Please consult the following documents to see which classes meet these guidelines:

Grade 12 Subject Classification


International Baccalaureate & Advanced Placement

Concordia University of Edmonton recognizes coursework completed in the International Baccalaureate (IB) or Advanced Placement (AP) programs. When an applicant presents both a high school Grade 12 subject and the corresponding IB/AP course for admission, the higher grade will be used in the admission average calculation.

IB Grade Grade 12 Mark AP Grade Grade 12 Mark
7 98% 5 96%
6 90% 4 86%
5 82% 3 76%
4 73% 2 65%
3 55% 1 < 65%
2 45%
1 < 45%

Applicants may be eligible to receive transfer credit for IB courses with grades above 5 and AP courses with grades above 4. Please see the Academic Calendar <link> for a list of approved courses.


Applicants to Science who have previously enrolled in a recognized post-secondary institution are granted regular admission if they present an admission grade point average (AGPA) of at least 2.0 (converted to CUE’s 4-point scale) using their most recently attempted 24 credits.

Applicants presenting an AGPA of less than 2.0 may still be admissible into Science under academic probation and reduced course loads.

Applicants with fewer than 24 transferable credits will be assessed using regular high school qualifications or a combination of the high school and post-secondary coursework. A performance assessment of their AGPA will be done to determine if they receive regular or probationary admission.

Transfer students must request official transcripts from their previous post-secondary institutions unless otherwise instructed by Concordia University of Edmonton. Transcripts must list all final grades and current course registration.

Early Admission will be granted into Science for applicants who meet the admission requirements.

Applicants who have been required to withdraw from a post-secondary institution must wait 12 months from the date they were required to withdraw before they are eligible to apply to any Concordia University of Edmonton program including Open Studies.

After waiting 12 months, these applicants are assessed under the regular requirements for transfer students.

Applicants who have been required to withdraw more than once in their academic careers may only be considered for admission through an appeal. The appeal letter must be submitted with their application for admission and contain the reason for their previous unsatisfactory performance, their accomplishments since they were required to withdraw, and the strategies they have developed to ensure success if they re-enter university studies.


Applicants who will be 20 years of age by the end of the semester in which they are seeking admission and who have not matriculated from high school or cannot present the normal high school qualifications may be admitted under reduced requirements.

Non-matriculated applicants who seek admission to the Bachelor of Science degree programs must present a passing grade and a minimum combined average of 60% in the following courses:

  1. English Language Arts 30-1, or six credits of university-level English.
  2. Pure Mathematics 30 or Mathematics 30-1
  3. Two of Biology 30, Chemistry 30, Mathematics 31 or Physics 30

Please note that students presenting international high school credentials are ineligible for admission as non-matriculated students.