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Home Schooled Students

Home-Schooled Student Admission

Concordia University of Edmonton reviews applications from home-schooled and home-educated applicants. We appreciate that each home-schooling experience is unique and assess the merits of all home-schooled applicants on an individual basis. The following admission routes are guidelines.

Please contact us regarding any advice or clarification you may require regarding your specific admission circumstances.

Admission Options

Home-schooled and home-educated applicants are offered the following admission routes:

Applicants are encouraged to provide a confidential letter of recommendation from an impartial source, such as a home-education coordinator. This is to indicate your academic readiness for a university-level program of studies and method of home schooling followed.

  1. Admission to Arts, Management, or Science degree program by presenting a Home School Portfolio with the application for admission, which should contain but is not limited to the following elements:
    • Evidence of prior learning from Grades 10 through 12.
    • Statements of results from Grades 10 through 12.
    • At minimum of three writing samples from the applicants Grade 12 work (from literature works studied).
    • The portfolio should also contain one of the following:
      • A brief essay (1,000-2,500 words) describing the value of your home-schooling experience
      • An entrance video production with supporting written storyboard.
  2. Demonstrating the required admission average in the five 30-level courses for required subjects in your program of choice. (See Regular Admissions Requirements)
  3. Admission to an Arts, Management, or Science degree program by completing a minimum of one year of full-time study in a diploma program at a recognized college, technical institute, or bible college in addition to their home-schooling program. Applicants must be in satisfactory academic standing throughout their post-secondary coursework.

Note to Management or Science Applicants:
Documentation is required to determine grade 12 course prerequisites needed for admission into Management or Science degree programs. For each subject area, course syllabi, textbook list, and three to five academic work samples such as science laboratory reports or results from standardized aptitude tests such as SAT or ACT are required.
For students seeking admission into the Management degree program, the prerequisite needing to be satisfied is Mathematics. For students seeking admission into any Science degree program, the prerequisites needing to be satisfied are Mathematics and two subjects form either Biology, Chemistry or Physics.