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Embedded Librarianship Program

Embedded librarianship takes a librarian out of the context of the traditional library and places him or her in an “on-site” setting or situation that enables close coordination and collaboration with researchers or teaching faculty.

Quote from: Embedded librarianship in the research context: Navigating new waters by Jake Carlson and Ruth Kneale March 2011 College & Research Libraries News vol. 72, no. 3 167-170

The Embedded Librarianship Program is a partnership between the Arnold Guebert Memorial Library and the Faculty of Education, designed to enhance the student experience. The librarian holds regular office hours in the Faculty of Education to encourage greater interaction with students and faculty, and higher levels of access to library services.

Examples and benefits arising from the implementation of the Embedded Librarianship Program include:

  • The librarian is invited to deliver in-class instruction tailored to course content. Students acquire skills in the areas of electronic searching, reading aloud, locating children’s literature, identifying resources to support subject areas, and performing general academic research.
  • The librarian is a co-instructor on online instruction modules. This provides the librarian with access to what instructors are sharing with the students, along with the opportunity to post applicable resources and supports.
  • The librarian develops an understanding of instructors’ expectations, enabling the librarian to better assist students. Instructors develop an enhanced understanding of the services provided by the library.
  • The librarian is regularly invited to attend student events, class presentations, and faculty meetings as she/he is present on site on a regular basis.
  • The librarian is knowledgeable about course content and assignments, which leads to maximum effectiveness in the purchasing of library resources.

Embedded Librarianship Program (PDF)