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Dr. Edgar Schmidt

Associate Professor

BEd – Elementary Language Arts Major and Second Languages Minor
MEd – Sociology of Education, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta
Doctor of Social Science (DSS) – Royal Roads University, Victoria, British Columbia.

Dr. Schmidt is an experienced educator and administrator in the K – 12 education system. He has 31 years of experience as a classroom teacher, principal, central office administrator and former Superintendent of Schools for the Edmonton Public School Board. Dr. Schmidt’s expertise and interests encompass educational administration and leadership, science education, sociology of schooling, the politics of education, and community engagement in support of student learning and achievement. Dr. Schmidt has conducted interdisciplinary research on government rhetoric related to school – community collaboration. He is particularly interested in critical discourse studies as well as mixed methods research.

Recently, his research and scholarly work are contributing to the development of graduate level courses in the Faculty of Education. Dr. Schmidt is the Faculty of Education Lead in the development of an Embedded Approach to Indigenous Peoples’ Historical and Cultural Topics, with the ongoing support of local Indigenous scholars, Elders, and knowledge keepers. As an Erasmus+ and Mobile+ scholar, he has presented his research findings and research methodology to graduate students at the University of Porto, Portugal.

Dr. Schmidt is continuing his role as Adjunct Professor in Education Policy Studies, Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta. He is a Director on the Board of the United Way Capital Region.