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Board Committees

Executive & Governance Committee

The Executive & Governance Committee supports the work of the Board by monitoring, evaluating and making recommendations to the Board with respect to all matters pertaining to governance, human resources and academic affairs. The Committee assists the Board to establish and comply with the principles and best practice of good governance.

Executive & Governance Committee Terms of Reference

Audit & Pension Committee

The Audit & Pension Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its financial reporting and audit responsibilities by monitoring, evaluating and providing advice on matters affecting the external audit, risk management, and financial reporting and internal control practices and policies.

Audit & Pension Committee Terms of Reference

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee monitors, evaluates and makes recommendations to the Board with respect to the management and control of the property and financial resources of the University.

Finance Committee Terms of Reference

Human Resources Committee

Human Resources Committee Terms of Reference

University Relations Committee

The Committee promotes the advancement of the University’s Mission and Vision, aligns with the University Values, complies with the University Mandate and supports institution-wide plans, priorities and objectives.

University Relations Committee Terms of Reference