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Policy Manual

The Policy Manual is the official repository for university policy documents at Concordia University of Edmonton (CUE). The Policy Manual contains university policies, procedures, and related policy instruments—referred to collectively as “policy documents”—that have been approved by CUE’s statutory and delegated approval authorities. To find a policy document, please browse through the table below or search by keyword.

The policy documents in this repository constitute the most current versions of CUE’s policy documents. While they can be downloaded or printed for convenience, the definitive version of the policy resides in the Policy Manual.

For questions, please contact the University Secretariat by emailing policy@concordia.ab.ca.

Policy No.Policy NameRelated Policy Documents
GV0100Policy on University Policy Documents> Procedure Relating to the Policy on University Policy Documents
> Policy Document Action Plan
GV0200Annual Review of Concordia University of Edmonton Policy
GV0300Statement of Policy Regarding Vice-Presidents> Selection of Vice-Presidents Procedure
> Review of Vice-Presidents Procedure
GV0320Statement of Policy Regarding Search, Selection, and Compensation of the President and Vice-ChancellorSelection of President and Vice-Chancellor Procedure
GV0325Statement of Policy Regarding Roles & Responsibilities of the President & Vice-Chancellor
GV0330Statement of Policy Regarding End of Term Review of the President and Vice-Chancellor
GV0335Statement of Policy Regarding the Term of Appointment of the President and Vice-Chancellor
GV0400Records and Information Management Policy> Records Lifecycle Management Procedure
> Records Security Classification Standard
> Records Security Classification Guideline
> Records Digitization Guideline
> Electronic Records Filing Guideline
> Records Retention Schedule
> Records Destruction Form
> CUE Archives Transfer Form
GV0500Statement of Policy Regarding Acting and Interim Senior Administrator Appointments
GV0600Statement of Policy Regarding Deans of Faculties> Review of Faculty Deans Procedure
> Selection of Faculty Deans Procedure
GV0700Policy on Chairs of DepartmentsSelection of Department Chairs Procedure
GV1000Delegation of Authority to the President Policy
GV1101Intellectual Property Policy> Commercialization of Intellectual Property and Revenue Sharing Procedure
> Invention Disclosure Form
GV1200Succession Planning PolicyProcedures Relating to the Policy on Succession Planning
GV1250Consensual Intimate Relationships between Persons in Authority and Students Policy
GV3110Enterprise Risk Management PolicyProcedures Relating to the Enterprise Risk Management Policy
Statement of Institutional Integrity
AC1010New Academic Program Approval Policy> New Academic Program Approval Procedure
AC1020Program Suspension and Termination PolicyProcedure for Program Suspension and Termination Policy
AC1030Academic Department Annual Report PolicyProcedures Relating to the Academic Department Annual Report Policy
AC1035Academic Program Cyclical Review Policy> Procedures Relating to Cyclical Reviews of Academic Degree Programs
AC2015Instructor Led Study Abroad Course Approval Policy> Instructor Led Study Abroad Course Approval Procedure
AC2020Course Conflict Policy> Procedures Relating to the Course Conflict Policy
> Course Conflict Permission Form
AC2021Policy on Student AbsencesProcedures Relating to the Policy on Student Absences
AC2022Leave of Absence Policy Procedures Relating to the Leave of Absence Policy
AC2025Pre-requisite Waiver Policy> Procedures Relating to the Pre-requisite Waiver Policy
AC2026Turnitin Policy
AC2027Student Registration Status Policy
AC2030Variance of Practicum Policy
AC2040Off-Campus Activities and Travel Policy> Procedures Relating to the Off-Campus Activities and Travel Policy
> Risk Assessment Matrix for Off-Campus Activities and Travel Policy Involving Students
> Waiver for Off-Campus Activities and Travel Policy
AC2045Policy on Course Caps
AC2050Undergraduate Transfer Credit Policy
AC2070Credential Policy
AC2072Policy on Academic Regalia
AC3000Policy on Faculty EvaluationProcedures Relating to the Policy on Faculty Evaluation
AC3020Faculty Office Hours Policy
AC4010Graduate Student Service Appointments Policy
AC4015Graduate Student Supervision Policy
AC4020Graduate Supervision Appointments PolicyProcedures Relating to the Graduate Supervision Appointments Policy
AC5010Responding to the Death of a Student Policy
AC5050Awarding a Posthumous Credential PolicyAwarding a Posthumous Credential Procedure
AC6000Flexible and Online Course Development PolicyProcedure Relating to Flexible and Online Course Development Policy
AD1230Discrimination, Harassment, and Accommodation Policy> Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Procedure
> Duty to Accommodate Procedure
AD1236Gender-Based Violence Policy

Sexual Violence

Gender-Based Violence Procedure
AD1320Alcohol Policy> Event Involving Alcohol on Campus Procedure
> Student Group Alcohol Event Procedure
> Event with Alcohol Application Form
AD1325Statement of Policy Regarding a Smoke-Free Campus
AD1330Cannabis Policy
AD1335Impairment Policy
AD2010Freedom of Expression Policy
AD2020Policy on Accepting Gifts from CompaniesProcedure Relating to Policy on Accepting Gifts from Companies
AD2030Donations and Fundraising PolicyProcedure Relating to the Donations and Fundraising Policy
AD3000Community Engagement and Relationship PolicyProcedures Relating to the Community Engagement and Relationship Policy
AD4000Remote Work Policy
AD6100Administrative Unit Review Policy> Administrative Unit Review Procedure
ER1000Branding and Visual Identity PolicyBranding and Visual Identity Guidelines
FM1000Signing Authority PolicyProcedures Relating to the Signing Authority Policy
FM1010Expenditure Policy> Prepaid Expense Procedure
> Travel Procedure
> Gift and Hospitality Expenditure Procedure
> Corporate Mastercard Procedure
> Expenditure Procedure
> Athletics and Recruitment Travel Procedure
FM1040Tuition Remission Program Policy
FM1050Investment Policy
HR1101Code of Conduct Policy> Code of Conduct Disclosure Procedure
> Code of Conduct Disclosure Form
HR1200Relocation PolicyRelocation Procedure
HR1300Professional Development and Membership Fees Policy> Professional Development and Membership Fees Approval and Reimbursement Procedure for Faculty Members and Academic Service Officers
> Professional Development and Membership Fees Approval and Reimbursement Procedure for Staff Members
HR1400Career Services Job Posting Policy
HR1500Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Policy> Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Disclosure and Assessment Procedure for Academic Colleagues
> Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Disclosure and Assessment Procedure for Faculty and Academic Service Officers
> Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Disclosure and Assessment Procedure for Staff Members
> Conflict of Interest and/or Commitment Disclosure Form
HR1600Flexible Work Arrangement Policy> Procedure Relating to the Flexible Work Arrangement Policy
HR2101Health and Safety Policy
HR3000Visiting Scholar PolicyProcedures Relating to the Visiting Scholar Policy
HR3100Academic Integrity and Ethics Policy (AIEP 1)> Intellectual Property Guidelines (AIEP 3)
> Guidelines Regarding Attribution of Authorship (AIEP 4)
> Research and Scholarship Integrity Enforcement Procedure (AIEP 8)
HR5500Academic Colleagues Policy> Adjunct Academic Colleagues Procedure
> Sessional Instructor Procedure
> Visiting Faculty Member Procedure
HR5600Professor Emeritus/Emerita Policy
HR5610President, Chancellor, and Board Chair Emeritus Policy
HR6200Research Assistant Policy> Graduate Academic Assistantship (GAA) Procedure
> Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA) Procedure
> Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) Procedure
> Proposed List of Seminars for Graduate Assistants
> Graduate Assistants’ Minimum Requirements Procedure
> Undergraduate and External Research Assistant Procedures
HR6700Access to Information Policy
IM1200Mobile Device Policy
IM3000Concordia University of Edmonton Archives PolicyConcordia University of Edmonton Archives Donor Agreement Form
RH1050Animal Ethics Policy
RH1010External Academic Funding Policy> Procedure Relating to the External Academic Funding Policy
> External Research Grant Procedure
RH1020Internal Research Grant PolicyProcedures Relating to the Internal Research Grant Policy
RH1025Small Research Needs Grant PolicyProcedures Relating to the Small Research Needs Grant Policy
RH1030Student Research Grant PolicyProcedures Relating to the Student Research Grant Policy
RH1035Responsible Use of Research Funds PolicyResponsible Use of Research Funds Procedure
RH2010Policy for Research Institutes, Centres, and Clusters
RH2020Research and Scholarship Integrity Policy (AIEP 2)Research and Scholarship Integrity Enforcement Procedure (AIEP 8)
RH2025Policy Regarding the Ownership of Research Materials (AIEP 5)
RH2030Policy for Students Supported by Research Grants or Affiliated Institutions (AIEP 6)
RH2027Policy Regarding the Adoption of Discipline-Specific Fundamental Principles of Research and Scholarship Integrity (AIEP 7)
RH2032Ethics Education Policy (AIEP 9)