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Policy and Procedures

This website provides a central location for policies and procedures currently in effect that have been approved by the university’s Board of Governors, General Faculties Council or administration. This site is to be a convenient point of reference for all members of the university community. The collection of policies and procedures available here form the university’s policy manual.

As the central repository for university policies and procedures, the Office of the University Secretary is responsible for updating and maintaining the policy manual. Once a document has been published on the website, the only official copy of that document is the online version. The material can be printed, but the printout should be considered an unofficial copy. Before using any printed material, users should always check the online system to ensure that they have the latest version of the material.

All documents that have been approved at the university’s senior governance levels has the same authority and therefore all approved documents have an equal expectation of compliance from all members of the university community. The Procedural Authority for each document in question will deal with any non-compliance issues.

Approving Authorities:

  • Board of Governors
  • General Faculties Council
  • President
  • Vice-Presidents