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Emmanuel Mapfumo

Dr. Emmanuel Mapfumo
Associate Professor, Environmental Services
Tel: 780-479-9267
Office: G118
Email: emmanuel.mapfumo@concordia.ab.ca


PhD, Soil Science, University of Alberta
MSc., Applied Statistics, Sheffield Hallam Univesity
M.Ag.Sc., Soil-plant-water relationships, University of Adelaide
BSc., Agriculture (Honours in Soil Science), University of Zimbabwe

Postdoctoral Research:

Department of Renewable Resources, University of Alberta
School of Earth and Geographical Sciences, University of Western Australia

Research Interests:

Impacts of land disturbance and management practices on soil health and plant productivity
Utilization of ‘waste’ materials as amendments to improve soil health on disturbed land
Remediation of contaminated land
Innovative approaches to find solutions to reduce plastic pollution
Climate change impacts on agricultural systems

Key Courses:

ENSC 220 Soil Science
ENSC 318 Field Ecology of Alberta
ENSC 373 Environmental Assessment
ENSC 480 Advanced Research Methods
ENSC493/495 Independent Research I and II

Selected Publications:

Emmanuel Mapfumo, David S. Chanasyk, Dick Puurveen, Shannon Elton, and Sachin Acharya. (2023). Historic climate change trends and impacts on  crop yields in key agricultural areas of the prairie provinces in Canada: a literature review. Canadian Journal of Plant Science. 103(3): 243-258. *Editors’ Choice for June 2023. https://doi.org/10.1139/cjps-2022-0215.

Emmanuel Mapfumo, David S. Chanasyk, and Dick Puurveen. 2023. Long- term annual climate trends around the Breton Plots area, Alberta: is there any evidence of local climate change? Canadian Journal of Plant Science. 103(3): 285-299. https://doi.org/10.1139/cjps-2022-0211.

V.S. Baron, A.C. Dick, R. Lemke, K. Greer, and Emmanuel Mapfumo. 2023. Grazing and fertilizer, compost or manure application effects on a meadow bromegrass pasture on a thick black chernozem I. Productivity and sustainability. Canadian Journal of Soil Science. 103(3): 510-521. https://doi.org/10.1139/cjss-2022-0041

Mapfumo E. 2022. Dryland soil salinity and seasonal effects on leaf and xylem sap ecophysiological characteristics of native plant species. Australian Journal of Botany 70, 42-55. https://doi.org/10.1071/BT21022.

Patterson S J, Chanasyk D S, Naeth M A, Mapfumo E. 2009. Effluent effects on the nutrient concentrations and growth of reed canarygrass (Phalaris arundinacea L.) and hybrid poplar (Populus deltoides × P. Petrowskyana L.) Canadian Journal of Soil Science 89: 223-234.

Li Xiao-gang, Rengel Z., Mapfumo E. and Bhupinderpal-Singh 2007. Increase in pH stimulates mineralization of ‘native’ organic carbon and nitrogen in naturally salt-affected sandy soils. Plant and Soil 290: 269–282.

Mapfumo E., Chanasyk D.S. and Willms W.D. 2004. Simulating daily soil water under foothills fescue grazing with the soil and water assessment tool model (Alberta, Canada). Hydrological Processes 18: 2787-2800.

Chanasyk D.S., Mapfumo E. and Willms W.D. 2003. Quantification and simulation of surface runoff from fescue grassland watersheds. Agricultural Water Management 59(2): 137-153.

Chanasyk D.S., Whitson I.R., Mapfumo E., Burke J.M., and Prepas E.E. 2003. The impacts of forest harvest and wildfire on soils and hydrology in temperate forests: A baseline to develop hypotheses for the Boreal Plain. Journal of Environmental Engineering and Science 2: S51-S62.

Mapfumo E., Naeth M.A., Baron V.S., Dick A.C. and Chanasyk D.S. 2002. Grazing impacts on litter and roots: perennial versus annual grasses. Journal of Range Management 55(1): 16-22.

Mapfumo E., Chanasyk D.S., Naeth M.A. and Baron V.S. 1998. Forage growth and yield components as influenced by subsurface compaction. Agronomy Journal 90:805-812.

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