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Patrick Kamau

Patrick Kamau


I have been working alongside Patrick at CUE for almost 20 years. Patrick is a great Dean and colleague, and on top of that, a goodhearted man. I keep forgetting about the fact that he has been with CUE for so many years, as he looks younger than 20 years old. 

Dr. Xin Chen


Patrick started at CUE as laboratory instructor, became a professor, then moved into administration. As Dean of Science, he leads the faculty with his warm, caring attitude and approachable demeanour. Patrick started and grew the Centre for Innovation and Applied Research (CIAR) of which he was the inaugural Director from 2016 to August 2019. As an academic, Patrick remains an active scholar and is instrumental to the expansion of the science programs at CUE. He has taught at primary, and secondary schools in Kenya as well as universities both in Canada and Kenya. Congratulations on your milestone.

Barbara van Ingen