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Service Milestones

This week, March 14-18 2022, we are recognizing members of the CUE community who have shown kindness, empathy, and resiliency over the past year. We are also celebrating milestones and our retirees who have given their time and energy to our community, and impacted the lives of countless students and employees.

Celebrating Service Milestones

5 Years

Reginald Wiebe
Sophie Nguyen
Sherry Palichuk
Xinxin Fang
Bobby Swar
Alison Yacyshyn
Robert Babiak
Joan Biliran
Rhett Clark
Glenda Stirling
Ola Osomo
Siham Akira
Lana Kuzyk

10 Years

Ashish Thomas
Dana Oullette
Lynne Gillingham
Justin Eifert  

15 Years

Colin Neufeldt

20 Years

Deborah Hemmerling
Patrick Kamau

25 Years

Dr. Bryan Rooney
Caroline Howarth
Allan Guzak

30 Years

Neil Querengesser

Congratulations to all and thank you for your dedication
to our students and CUE community.