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Zoltan Berkes

Celebrating Years of Service Milestones

This week – March 8-12, 2021 – we are recognizing members of the CUE community who have shown kindness, empathy, and resiliency over the past year. We are also celebrating milestones and our retirees who have given their time and energy to our community, and impacted the lives of countless students and employees.

30 Years

Zoltan Berkes

Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Since joining CUE in 1990, Dr. Zoltan Berkes has overseen the physics program and earth sciences courses, propelling CUE forward and impacting the lives of countless students. An invaluable colleague and mentor, his judgements are always balanced, fair, and professional. He treats everyone, regardless of who they are, with respect and dignity, and he always makes time for a conversation or to offer assistance and support. CUE is lucky to have Dr. Berkes as a part of our community. From mineral prospecting to astrophysics, Dr. Berkes has it all under his belt. His classes are always filled with anecdotes of applications of the material he is teaching, and his students value his kindness, knowledge, and spirit.

Here is a sample of what his students have shared over the years:

Zoltan tells many stories to help the lessons make more sense—I appreciate his effort, time, and candour.

Dr. Berkes presents the material in such an organized manner. He also encourages us and provides resources to increase our understanding of the subject matter.

The videos and resources he provided in addition to the course material helped me so much. I am incredibly grateful.

I really enjoy Dr. Berkes’ classes. He keeps them enjoyable and interesting, and I will miss being able to learn from him.

Congratulations on all of your success and dedication to CUE, Zoltan!