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Service Milestones 2021

This week – March 8-12, 2021 – we are recognizing members of the CUE community who have shown kindness, empathy, and resiliency over the past year. We are also celebrating milestones and our retirees who have given their time and energy to our community, and impacted the lives of countless students and employees.

Celebrating Service Milestones

5 Years

Hayley Anderson
Josiah Hiemstra
Wendy Lambert
Angela Querengesser
Maria Saus-Gagnon
Ted Tederoff
Candice (Tianyu) Wu
Mengistu Yelema

10 Years

Adeline Panamaroff

15 Years

Bill (William) Anderson
Marina Grintsov
Margie (Margaret) Schoepp
Andrew Sterne

20 Years

Joy Berg
Darlene Czernik
Vladimir Pitchko

30 Years

Zoltan Berkes
Craig Richter

40 Years

Bob (Robert) Thompson

Congratulations to all and thank you for your dedication to our students and CUE community.