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Caroline Howarth

Caroline Howarth


For 25 years, Caroline has enriched the CUE community through her creativity, passion, and dedication. Each spring, drama students host the annual Caroline’s Carnival where they showcase their music, one-act plays, and celebrate all things fine arts. Caroline is engaged with students, and focuses on ensuring they have the best possible experience. She is dedicated to CUE’s Fine Arts programs and expanding and sharing them within the community.

Barbara van Ingen


The Concordia community has been enriched for 25 years by Caroline Howarth. Caroline is an Associate Professor of Drama and is currently serving her second term as Chair of Fine Arts, and has previously served as the Program Coordinator for Drama.

Caroline has had an enormous impact on a generation of artists, educators and audiences who were nurtured, encouraged and challenged to discover their talents and voice in her classes and in productions she directed for Concordia and Concrete Theatre, the Theatre for Young Audiences company she co-founded.

Caroline invests in the growth of her students as people, not just as academics or artists, and is always willing to write a letter of reference, broker an introduction and support students long after they graduate. As Chair of Fine Arts, Caroline supports and mentors her newer colleagues with the same generosity and sense of calm – she is always open to collaboration, is guided by curiosity, and leads with kindness and flexibility.

Many of you will know Caroline from the countless committees she serves on, perhaps most notably the Convocation Committee. Her unfettered joy in seeing students grow through their time at Concordia and celebrate their convocation with family and friends is contagious. Our community is richer for Caroline’s spirit and contributions.

Glenda Stirling