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There are many reasons to considering going abroad as part of your time at CUE. Whether you will be studying abroad for a semester or two, interning abroad, travelling for an instructor led experience or taking part in a summer program, going abroad will open many doors. These experiences look great on your resume, provide opportunities to network and meet new people from all over the world and to hone language and intercultural skills.

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Before I was accepted to CUE, I knew I wanted to travel abroad and that quickly became a goal as part of my studies. It was unbelievable. I stayed [in Barbados] for the full two semesters and would highly recommend it! I have so many incredible stories and opinions and photos!

- Kristine from CUE's BA program Barbados

Studying abroad changed my life! It allowed me to grow personally; gain a more personal insight into other people’s culture’s and way of life; gain new academic insight in topics of newfound interest, and make personal and academic contacts in which I have made use of to enrich my life with one-of-a-kind experiences.

- Alison from CUE’s BSc program Iceland, Brazil

I always heard people say that studying abroad changes your perspective on the world. I was always a little skeptical of this so I did it myself. And all those people were right! I definitely gained new understanding of the ways Canada is unique in the world...I often felt like I was on true adventure.

- Jakob from CUE’s B.A Religious Studies program Coventry University, U.K.

What are you interested in exploring?

Partner Name Country Program Type Level Language Spoken
La Salle Centro Universitario (UNILASALLE CANOAS-RS) Brazil Summer Program Undergraduate Portuguese
Centro Universitario UNIVATES (UNIVATES) Brazil Summer Program Undergraduate English Portuguese
Universidade de Santa Cruz do Sul (UNISC) – Summer Program Brazil Summer Program Undergraduate Portuguese
University College Copenhagen, KP Denmark Semester Long Exchange Undergraduate English
Business Academy Aarhus Denmark Semester Long Exchange Undergraduate English
FH Vorarlberg Austria Semester Long Exchange Undergraduate English German
Chandigarh University India Semester Long Exchange Undergraduate
Bahiana School of Public Health and Medicine Brazil Semester Long Exchange Undergraduate
Yantai University China Semester Long Exchange Undergraduate
LaSalle Campus Barcelona (Ramon Llull University) Spain Semester Long Exchange Undergraduate Spanish English