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Systems Leadership

The course will introduce qualities of a learning team, acquire tools, strategies and skills to build systems thinking capacity. As a current or emergent leader you will build your systems thinking capacity.

This course is offered in partnership with Organizations By Design, Inc.

Course outcomes:

At the end of the course, students will:

  • Understand the complexity of systems thinking
  • Gain clarity around your work from a systems perspective
  • Identify your strengths and challenges as a systems leader
  • Use tools to support your work as a systems leader 
  • Acquire the skills to build a learning team
  • Develop skills to connect your leadership vision to the organizations
  • Develop skills to engage in learning conversations with others 
  • Develop an action plan for building your systems leadership skills and capacity

Lecture Topics:

Week 1: What is a System?

In this session we will establish our learning community. We will define a system and explore the systems that you engage within your leadership role. An inventory of your strengths and challenges will assist you in identifying the gaps- and for developing an action plan.

Week 2: The Being & Doing of Leadership 

We will explore the habits and characteristics of a systems leader, specifically we will look at how you as a systems leader needs to be and what you need to do. As well as ways to personally integrate the discipline of systems thinking into your leadership approach.

Week 3: Change Your Mind, Change Your Result

We will introduce concepts and tools used by systems leaders, including lenses that allow systems leaders to apply systems thinking in their day to day work.

Week 4: Creating a Systems Leadership Vision

We will explore tools to create a personal leadership vision. You will build your capacity as a systems leader to connect your personal vision with the organizational vision to create engagement, productivity and inspiration in your workplace.

Week 5: Building Relationships

The focus of this session is on building relationships and your coaching capacity. We will explore a coaching philosophy, approach and tools that align with a systems leader’s ways of being and doing.

Week 6: Managing Change

We will explore change within the system leaders realm. We will review some change frameworks, apply them to a current change initiative, and ways to lead in a non-stop continuous environment of change.

Week 7: Creating a Learning Team

We will share strategies and tools to foster your team’s ability to learn together. You will learn the qualities of a learning team, and acquire skills you can use to build learning capacity in your team.

Week 8: Looking Back: Moving Forward

In this final seminar we wrap up by reviewing how systems leaders showcase their learning and the shifts in practice that have made a significant difference in their own personal, team, organization and community leadership through showcasing.

Course Schedule

DayTimeDatesTotal Hours
Tuesdays9:30 am – 12:30 pmSept 7 – Oct 26, 202124 hours
Tuesdays9:30 am – 12:30 pmJan 11 – March 1, 202224 hours

Additional Information

Course Fee: $597 + GST
Pre-requisites: None
About the instructors:
Nicole van Kuppeveld BSc.OT., MBA, MBTI Trainer, Postgraduate Certificate in Strategic Human Resources

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