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Supply Chain Management

About this Certificate

The demand for training and skills development in Supply Chain Management is at an all-time high. If you are a supply chain professional or consultant, or are seeking a career in this growing field, this program will give you a broader knowledge of how parts of supply chains fit together, and the roles that make up this critical element of each and every business.

Supply chain management focuses on integration and partnerships in order to meet customers’ needs in a timely manner, with relevant and high-quality products that are produced, delivered and stored in a cost-effective manner.

In this program, you’ll explore the fundamental topics and components of supply chain management, including distribution management, inventory control, e-business, strategic procurement, and planning and scheduling, transportation and global supply, and contract management.

This program is offered in collaboration with Mount Royal University.

Required courses:

  • XSCM 20001 – Introduction to Supply Chain Management
  • XSCM 20002 – Procurement 1
  • XSCM 20003 – Inventory and Warehousing
  • XSCM 20004 – Planning and Scheduling
  • XSCM 20005 – Procurement 2
  • XSCM 20006 – Technology and e-Procurement
  • XSCM 20008 – Contract Management Lifecycle
  • XSCM 20009 – Transportation and Global Supply
  • XMGD 20004 – Effective Workplace Communication
  • XCAD 10003 – Negotiating Contracts

Program Hours: 198

Course Schedule

Subject CodeCourse Reference NumberStart DateEnd DateCourse Fees
(Plus GST)
XSCM 20001-0029079214-Sep-202019-Oct-2020$529.00
XSCM 20002-0029079321-Sep-202026-Oct-2020$529.00
XSCM 20003-0029079419-Oct-202023-Nov-2020$529.00
XSCM 20004-0029079505-Oct-202009-Nov-2020$529.00
XSCM 20005-0029079602-Nov-202007-Dec-2020$529.00
XSCM 20006-0029079726-Oct-202030-Nov-2020$529.00
XSCM 20008-0029079809-Nov-202014-Dec-2020$529.00
XSCM 20009-0029079902-Nov-202007-Dec-2020$529.00
XMGD 20004-0029076821-Sep-202019-Oct-2020$439.00
XMGD 20004-0049076909-Nov-202007-Dec-2020$439.00
XCAD 10003-0029075426-Oct-202023-Nov-2020$499.00

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