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Standard German

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Learn German!

These courses provide an opportunity for those who need or want to learn the German language and culture for non-credit purposes. Those in the community of German descent may also find this course useful and appealing.

Who should attend?

These courses are open to everyone.

New students who have a prior knowledge of the language are required to meet with instructional staff first for a language placement test to determine which level is more suitable for you.

Course Information:

Standard German 1

An entry-level course designed to give students a good command of spoken and written German and an introduction to German culture and civilization.

This is an introductory course of Standard German for those with very little or no background in German. It will cover topics such as greetings, introducing yourself and others, professions, country of origin, hobbies, prices, food, compliments, and complaints. Students will learn basic pronunciation rules, the use of the present tense, basic sentence structures of German, numbers 1-1000, and the use of two cases (nominative and accusative). They will also receive information on the culture of German-speaking countries.

Standard German 2

A continuation of German I which furthers students’ command of spoken and written German and familiarity with German culture and civilization.

This is a continuation of the introductory course of Standard German I. It will cover topics such as daily routines, time, rules and regulations, appointments, living quarters, and activities (free time, work, etc). Students will learn the use of the present tense (with irregular, separable, and modal verbs), dative prepositions, and indefinite pronouns. The course will also further deepen familiarity with the culture of German-speaking countries and allow for additional topics.

Course Schedule

Course CodeDayTimeDatesTotal Hours
Standard German I
(X-GER 01)
Wednesday6:30 pm – 8:30 pmSeptember 9 – December 9, 202026 hours
Standard German II
(X-GER 02)
Wednesday6:30 pm – 8:30 pmJanuary 11 – April 14, 202126 hours

Additional Information

Format: Due to COVID-19, the courses scheduled in the Fall 2020 semester will be delivered online.
Pre-requisites: None
Course Fee: $250 + GST per course

Instructor: Veronica Miller

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