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Introduction to Popular Music

Learn About Western Pop

Study the development of Western popular musical styles such as blues, gospel, jazz, folk, country-and-western and rock-and-roll. The course examines the musical elements that define these common genres, how those elements have changed over time and how popular music has both reflected and influenced social change.

Who should attend?

This course is open to all interested students.

Course Outline (X-MUE 03)

Week 1 – The Beginnings of American Popular Music
Week 2 – The emergence of Black Music and Popular Song in the Modern Era
Week 3 – The Swing Era, Blues and Gospel come in from the outskirts
Week 4 – Country and Folk music come in from the outskirts
Week 5 – Early Musical Theatre, Jazz and Rhythm and Blues up to 1954
Week 6 – 1950s and 1960s Rock and Roll, and the Rock Revolution
Week 7 – Rock and R&B after 1970
Week 8 – Latin and Country Music in the 1970s
Week 9 – Electronica and Rap
Week 10 – Alternatives and Popular Music in the 21st Century

Course Schedule

April 28 to June 30, 2022
Tuesday evenings, 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Additional Information

Instructor: Jamie Meyers-Riczu
Format: Lecture
Pre-requisites: None
Total hours: 25 hours
Course code: X-MUE 03

Course Fee:
$450 + GST

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