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Police Studies

About the Certificate

This program offers you theoretical and practical skills that will prepare you for diverse career options in the justice field. The content emphasizes skill development, essential attitudes and personal qualities that you can apply to your career. Topics range from the history of the Canadian justice system to the changing social trends in policing.

This program is offered in collaboration with Mount Royal University.

Required courses:

  • XJUS 10001 – Canadian Criminal Justice Systems
    • The justice system in Canada is a fascinating and sometimes confusing mixture of competing interests. Everyone associated with this system needs to be aware of the various components and how they operate. Explore the major components of the Canadian justice system and the roles of legislative bodies, courts, law enforcement, corrections and aftercare services in the community.
  • XJUS 10004 – Human Diversity in Justice
    • Explore issues of diversity and justice within Canadian society and assess the workings of the Canadian criminal justice system in relation to minorities. Diversity in ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, age and social class has affected access to justice throughout Canadian history. Develop an in-depth appreciation of the link between minority group status and justice.
  • XJUS 10002 – Interpersonal Relationship Skills
    • Gain insight into criminal behaviour by exploring human needs and relationships. Offender populations bring with them a wide range of emotional needs and justice personnel need to develop effective approaches to dealing with all kinds of people. The focus of this course is on normal human behaviour and an appreciation of cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary perspectives.
  • XJUS 10003 – Criminology Concepts
    • Be introduced to the major theoretical concepts in criminology through an interdisciplinary approach to the study of crime, criminals and criminality. Become familiar with the jargon and terms used in criminology, as well as the historical factors leading to the development of current criminological theories.
  • XJUS 10005 – Trends and Issues in Policing
    • Delve into the issues pertaining to law enforcement in a modern democratic society. Examine the relationship between policing and other aspects of the criminal justice system and assess the basic assumptions informing current policing trends in Canada and internationally. Topics include police-citizen conflict, occupational subculture, crime prevention, and the interface between police and other justice agencies.
  • XJUS 10006 – Canadian Criminal Law
    • Review the historical and philosophical perspective of the nature, aims and scope of criminal law in Canada. Develop oral and written communication skills to facilitate legal problem solving, including rudimentary skills in adversarial advocacy, and acquire skills in legal research, case briefing, precedent application and statutory interpretation using a teamwork approach.

Program Hours: 288

Course Schedule

Subject CodeCourse Reference NumberStart DateEnd DateCourse HoursCourse Fees
(Plus GST)
XJUS 10001-002Not offered this term 
XJUS 10004-002Not offered this term 
XJUS 10002Not offered this term
XJUS 10003-0029045013 Sep 20216 Dec 202148 hrs$625.00
XJUS 10005Not offered this term
XJUS 10006-0029045113 Sep 20216 Dec 202148 hrs$625.00

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