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Phytochemical Extraction Methods and the Canadian Cannabis Industry

About the Certificate

There has been a growing interest in natural products from plants and an increasing demand for trained personnel in the area of phytochemical extraction. Hiring managers acknowledge a shortage of trained personnel in the industry while recognizing that the category is still in its formative stage. There is an appreciation for the availability of talent with transferable Skills.

This course has been developed in collaboration with Norquest College. It will provide foundational knowledge for individuals interested in working in the industry and offers hands-on experience of phytochemical extraction and kick-start skills for the small scale development of natural products.

If you plan to work in the areas of micro-testing, cannabis testing, material-handling, quality control, extraction facilitation, operating extraction equipment, onsite processing, greenhouse, hand sanitizer, cosmetic or areas that need any sort of production experience and hands on skills such as loading machines, natural food products, raw materials, this course is will bring the required knowledge and skills for you.

Who should take this course

This course is for learners looking to enter a growing career in the cannabis extraction industry. The learning activities include online pre-lab learning and lab experience. Learners will be virtually introduced to the cannabis industry in Canada and scientific theories crucial for success, and then practice natural product extraction methods applicable to cannabis extraction careers.

Students will learn the major methods for extraction of phytochemicals applicable to the modern cannabis industry using a variety of plants and natural products. Students will not be handling cannabis as part of this course, but will be introduced to the cannabis industry, plant morphology, and skills required for success in a growing cannabis career. Learners must be 18 years or older at the time of application for this course.


After successfully completing this course, students will have learned:

  • Important fundamentals of the cannabis industry in Canada and factors for career success.
  • Fundamental scientific concepts about the extraction of phytochemicals.
  • Major extraction methods including solvent and solvent less extraction methods applicable to a career in cannabis extraction.
  • Preparation of extraction solvents and essential calculations.
  • Principles of different types of extractions equipment

Lecture topics

  1. Introduction to the cannabis industry in Canada, cannabis plant morphology, and contamination prevention.
  2. The biological and chemical properties of three major classes of phytochemicals: alkaloids, terpenoids, and phenolics; survey of extraction methods.
  3. Lab 1. General introduction to extraction equipment, solvents, and preparation of plant materials.
  4. Lab 2. Ethanol extraction
  5. Lab 3. Hydrocarbon (butane) extraction
  6. Lab 4. CO2 extraction
  7. Lab 5. Solventless extraction and post-extraction processing

Course Schedule

Course CodeDayTimeDates
X-HEA 02Sunday1:30 – 5:30 pmMay 29 – June 26, 2022

Additional Information

Pre-requisites: English 101, Chemistry 101, Biology 101 or equivalent or should consult the instructor first for a qualification assessment.
Total hours: 25 hours
Course Fee: $ 695+GST

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