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Management Development

About the Certificate

Build on your Pillars of Management Certificate of Completion by taking 4 additional courses in Management Development to further your management knowledge. Develop your management potential with essential skills and add specialties that support your career goals.

The Management Development program is eligible towards Blue Seal Certification.

This program is offered in collaboration with Mount Royal University.

Required courses:

  • XMGD 20004 – Effective Workplace Communication
    • Strong communication skills are crucial for outstanding performance and career advancement. People are not born with effective communication skills; they must be learned. Discover practical techniques for improving communication skills, including communicating more clearly, active listening, non-verbal communication and electronic communication.
  • XMGD 20020 – Human Resource Basics
    • Gain a fundamental overview of human resources management. Acquire an appreciation and basic comprehension of legislation affecting employees, knowledge regarding the recruitment/selection process, training and development, and managing day-to-day performance.
  • XMGD 20017 – Understanding Leadership
    • Learn how to become an outstanding leader as you explore the concept of leadership and identify leadership functions and roles. Participate in hands-on activities that help you understand what effective leadership entails. Discover the difference between leadership and management and be able to apply theoretical concepts to your job the very next day.
  • XMGD 20003 – Understanding and Using Financial Information
    • Cut through the fog of accounting jargon, and contribute and manage finances more effectively. Discover how to interpret, evaluate and analyze financial statements. Using ratio analysis, assess the performance of a business from the balance sheet, income statement and other financial information.

Optional courses (choose 60 hours):

  • XMGD 20001 – Supervision Core Skills
    • Acquire the core skills and knowledge needed to supervise and manage others effectively. The “tool kit” of skills helps you to be more confident in your management role. Topics include the roles and responsibilities of a supervisor, delegation, effective communication, motivation and performance management.
  • XPRM 10007 – Project Management: Overview and Integration
    • PM: Overview & Integration is an introductory course to project management. It examines all the fundamental project management processes and knowledge areas as documented in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Sixth Edition. Discover basic terminology of project management, define and understand the fundamental framework of the PMBOK guide by discussing the key processes groups and knowledge areas. Explore Integration Management processes such the development of the Project Charter, Project Management Plan, and what it means to Direct and Manage Project Work, Monitor and Control Project Work, Perform Integrated Change Control, and Close Project or Phase. Analyze the profession of the project manager, and how it is impacted by Project Management Institute (PMI).
  • XPRS 20004 – Professional Sales Fundamentals
    • To be a top seller today you must be familiar with time-proven fundamentals as well as the latest trends and practices. Be introduced to the essential components of professional sales, including relationship development, product knowledge and presentation strategies.
  • XTBW 10013 – Effective Business Writing
    • Are your writing skills holding back your career because you struggle to express yourself clearly, concisely and efficiently? Review and apply the principles of effective writing and revising. Learn how to create powerful workplace documents including emails, letters and reports that achieve the results you want. Review the basic design principles and survey professional editing techniques.
  • XMGD 20015 – Building High Performance Teams
    • An effective team is greater than the sum of its individual parts. This course arms you with the tools necessary to develop your own high performance team. Topics include the stages of team development, common pitfalls to avoid in developing teams, conflict resolution, creating the player attitude and mapping team capabilities.
  • XMGD 10021 – Management Through Coaching
    • In today’s performance and results-oriented workplace, coaching is an effective and powerful tool to unlock the potential of employees. This course introduces current and aspiring leaders to coaching including what it is, the qualities of an effective coach, and a basic coaching model. Experience coaching through class discussions, demonstrations, and opportunities to practice and apply coaching strategies. Note: this course replaces Coaching in the Workplace, Level 1 and 2.
  • XADM 10016 – Employee Engagement
    • Managers and supervisors must learn to measure their workplace’s performance on the dimensions that create a great workplace and strive for continuous improvement. Solid skills in building employee engagement through strong relationships with individuals and groups of employees are essential. Be introduced to a “Communications Intentions Model” designed to enhance managers’ and supervisors’ ability to build relationships.
  • XADM 10023 – Interviewing Strategies
    • Explore the proven technique of behavioural interviewing through interactive activities such as employment interviews, telephone screening, and panel and video interviews. Learn how to recruit candidates and make effective hiring decisions through reviewing online applications and resumes. Evaluate interview methods and hiring techniques. Understand the importance of checking education, criminal and employment references.
  • XADM 10001 – Organizational Effectiveness
    • Create a highly competent workforce while reducing turnover and decreasing recruitment costs. Gain an understanding of organizational design, development and change, employee involvement strategies and human resource planning. Acquire strategies for recruitment and selection.
  • XADM 10002 – Organizational Training and Development
    • Continuous learning, career development and training for improved performance are key elements of an organization’s successful HR strategy. Discover how to integrate performance measurement, coaching and development policies and programs, and training initiatives to achieve overall organizational effectiveness.
  • XADM 10011 – Diversity Management
    • Globalization, advancements in technology and competition for resources, markets and talent have moved diversity management from an equal opportunity initiative to a strategically driven business necessity. Today’s organizations build skills, create policies, and nurture workplace effectiveness through diversity management.
  • XADM 10012 – Succession Planning for Managers
    • As valuable skilled employees retire or resign, who will be ready to replace them? Acquire a solid understanding of characteristics that define succession planning and be able to develop a strategic succession plan for your own organization.
  • XADM 10013 – Employee Relations
    • Develop your understanding of the essentials of employment legislation and its impact on the work environment. Discover how to interpret and manage legal issues in human resources by reviewing real-life situations. Identify when and how to research, develop and implement policies and procedures in your organization.
  • XMGD 20030 – Performance Management
    • A strong, integrated performance development and review program is about growing your employees, tapping into their strengths and adding new skills, utilizing a strength-based approach to performance management. This approach is designed on the principles that engaged employees have a direct impact on client/customer engagement, peer/staff relationships and bottom-line business results.
  • XMGD 10045 – Emotional Intelligence at Work
    • Emotional intelligence impacts success and happiness at home and work. It helps us motivate ourselves, manage stress, embrace change, strengthen relationships and resolve conflict. Become aware of, identify, and analyze and manage individual and group emotions. Unlike IQ, EQ (EI) is a skill that can be improved through education and practice.
  • XMGD 10046 – Effective Facilitation for Managers and Leaders
    • In today’s organizations, effective facilitation skills are essential. Explore techniques and strategies to manage meetings and work sessions that are productive and reach desired outcomes. Gain insight into the role of the facilitator to identify objectives, manage participation and conflict, build trust and rapport, and develop action plans.
  • XMGD 30011 – Leading with Emotional Intelligence
    • Succeed professionally by grasping the essential concepts of emotional intelligence and utilizing them to form powerful, healthy relationships. Learn to communicate clearly and effectively, solve problems, make thoughtful decisions, and earn others’ trust and respect.
  • XMGD 30012 – The Art of Leadership
    • Be introduced to practical leadership tools and strategies for success, including delegation, motivation, coaching and feedback.
  • XMGD 30003 – Conflict Management
    • Gain an overview of conflict management principles and best practices. Learn to assess and manage your own response and approach to conflict in the workplace.
  • XMGD 30005 – Performance Management Seminar
    • Through the process of performance management, organizations are able to align individual and business goals. Explore the three key components of effective performance management: plan, perform and review.
  • XMGD 30006 – Effective Interpersonal Communication
    • Workplace and business communication can be challenging. Be introduced to personal assessment tools and strategies to improve interpersonal effectiveness, facilitate team work, enhance productivity and foster win/win communication.
  • XMGD 30007 – Building Customer Relations
    • Acquire the steps and strategies you require to provide customer service excellence. Discover what your customers want and need from you, and take action to ensure these needs are met. Explore methods for dealing with challenging customers while maintaining composure.
  • XPRM 30016 – Project Management Basics
    • Learn the basic terminology of project management, including the five key areas of expertise: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing.

Program Hours: 120

Course Schedule

Required Courses:

Subject CodeCourse Reference NumberStart DateEnd DateCourse HoursCourse Fee
(Plus GST)
XMGD 20004-0029037127 Sept 202125 Oct 202115 hrs$439.00
XMGD 20004-0049037215 Nov 202113 Dec 202115 hrs$439.00
XMGD 20020-0029037018 Oct 202115 Nov 202115 hrs$439.00
XMGD 20017-002903698 Nov 20216 Dec 202115 hrs$439.00
XMGD 20003-0029037320 Sept 202118 Oct 202115 hrs$439.00

Optional Courses (choose 60 hours):

Subject CodeCourse Reference NumberStart DateEnd DateCourse HoursCourse Fee
(Plus GST)
XMGD 20001 Not offered this term  
XPRM 10007-003903348 Sept 202110 Sept 202121 hrs$739.00
XPRM 10007-00590374 6 Sep 2111 Oct 202121 hrs$739.00
XPRM 10007-0079038311 Oct 202115 Nov 202121 hrs$739.00
XPRM 10007-009Not offered this term
XPRS 20004 Not offered this term  
XTBW 10013-0029043918 Oct 202122 Nov 202115 hrs$429.00
XMGD 20015Not offered this term   
XMGD 10021Not offered this term   
XADM 10016905454 Oct 20211 Nov 202115 hrs$439.00 
XADM 10023-002Not offered this term
XADM 10001Not offered this term
XADM 100029054325 Oct 202122 Nov 202115 hrs$439.00 
XADM 10011 Not offered this term  
XADM 10012 Not offered this term  
XADM 10013-002903658 Nov 20216 Dec 202115 hrs$439.00
XADM 10015 Not offered this term  
XCFR 20101Not offered this term   
XMGD 20030Not offered this term   
XMGD 10045Not offered this term   
XMGD 10046Not offered this term   
XMGD 300119055330 Sept 202130 Sept 20217 hrs$249.00
XMGD 30012905541 Oct 20211 Oct 2021 7 hrs$249.00
XMGD 300039054819 Nov 202119 Nov 20217 hrs $249.00
XMGD 300059054930 Oct 202130 Oct 20217 hrs$249.00
XMGD 300069055021 Oct 202121 Oct 20217 hrs$249.00 
XMGD 300079055116 Oct 202116 Oct 20217 hrs$249.00 
XPRM 30016-0029034720 Nov 202120 Nov 20217.5 hrs$324.45

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