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Interior Decorating

About the Certificate

Mount Royal University’s Interior Decorating Extension Certificate is accredited by the Decorators & Designers Association of Canada (DDA).

Create the desired ambiance in an interior by applying the essentials of decorating. Explore the fundamentals of design and decorate any room with style and confidence. Develop practical hands-on decorating skills.

This program is offered in collaboration with Mount Royal University.

Required courses:

  • XIDA 10001 – Introduction to Interior Decorating, Part 1
    • Learn how to create the mood you want in a home or office by learning the basics of design and how these relate to decorating. This first of two introductory courses guides you through the process of designing an interior. Work from an existing space and complete several assignments leading to the presentation of a transformed room.
  • XIDA 10030 – Introduction to Interior Decorating, Part 2
    • In the second of two introductory courses learn more in-depth rendering techniques and move farther in visually depicting the redesigned space first envisioned in Introduction to Interior Decorating Part 1.
  • XIDA 10009 – Interiors Past and Present
    • Discover some of the most influential interior decorating styles throughout Western history. Various time periods are explored with a focus on key furniture pieces, art and architecture.
  • XIDA 10011 – Colour and Light in Interior Decorating
    • Colour can be one of the most important and expressive elements in creating a successful interior design. Explore colour theory, composition and lighting through practical application.
  • XIDA 10002 – Perspective Drawing
    • Expand your interior decorating skills by improving your ability to visually represent objects and furnishings realistically within an interior space. Draw one-point and two-point perspectives.
  • XIDA 10012 – Materials for Window Treatments and Soft Furnishings
    • Review popular styles of window treatments and soft furnishings, properties of fabrics and estimating techniques. Take function, aesthetics and budget into consideration when selecting materials. Gain experience while determining selection, installation and cost of various treatments. Learn about window types as well as the advantages and disadvantages of different window treatments.
  • XIDA 10013 – Materials for Surface Finishes
    • Considerations of function, aesthetics and budget affect your selection of materials for surface finishes. Gain practical experience while learning about the choice, installation and cost of surface treatments.
  • XIDA 10014 – The Role of the Interior Decorator
    • Find out about the career opportunities within the interior decorating field. Review contract styles and agreements, sales and presentation skills, and practical business tips.
  • XIDA 10015 – Interior Decorating: Advanced Topics
    • Further your understanding of paper drawings, documentation and developing an overall concept. You are required to apply the concepts and practical skills attained in previous courses to accurately develop and present your final project.

Program Hours: 145

Course Schedule

Subject CodeCourse Reference NumberStart DateEnd DateCourse HoursCourse Fee
(Plus GST)
XIDA 10001-0029030020 Sep 202124 Oct 202115 hrs$329.00
XIDA 10001-0049030115 Nov 202119 Dec 202115 hrs$329.00
XIDA 10030-00290696 9 Nov 202014 Dec 202015 hrs$329.00
XIDA 10009-0029030427 Sep 202131 Oct 202115 hrs$329.00
XIDA 10011-002903248 Nov 202112 Dec 202115 hrs$329.00
XIDA 10002-002903034 Oct 202128 Nov 202120 hrs$359.00
XIDA 10012-002903224 Oct 20217 Nov 202115 hrs$329.00
XIDA 10013-0029032315 Nov 202119 Dec 202115 hrs$329.00
XIDA 10014-0029032513 Sep 202117 Oct 202115 hrs$329.00
XIDA 10015-0029032625 Oct 202119 Dec 202120 hrs$359.00

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