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Human Rights

These courses are designed as foundational learning related to human rights that touch on issues such as Black Lives Matter, the MeToo movement, gender equality, Indigenous rights, and the need for diversity and inclusion. Important aspects to consider are the key concepts, principles, theories and legal aspects that influence these.


CourseDatesTotal Hours
Foundations of Human Rights (X-SOC 21)January 10 – March 19, 2022
April 4 – June 11, 2022
36 hours
Theory and Practice of Human Rights (X-SOC 22)Coming Fall 202236 hours
Contemporary Issues in Human Rights (X-SOC 23)TBD36 hours
Exploring Human Rights Across Cultures (X-SOC 24)TBD36 hours

Additional Information

Format: These courses are delivered online, asynchronous
Pre-requisites: Students must have successfully completed Foundations of Human Rights (X-SOC 21) before registering for other courses in this series.
Fee per course: $750 + GST
Instructor: Dr. John Young, PhD Political Science

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