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Human Rights

These courses are designed as foundational learning related to human rights. The courses will examine the historical challenges facing human rights around the world and a discussion of the most important human rights issues that are currently being faced. Course content will consider: key concepts, principles, theories and legal aspects that influence human rights issues.


CourseDatesTotal Hours
Foundations of Human Rights (X-SOC 21)Not offered this semester36 hours
Theory and Practice of Human Rights (X-SOC 22)Not offered this semester36 hours
Contemporary Issues in Human Rights (X-SOC 23)Not offered this semester36 hours
Exploring Human Rights Across Cultures (X-SOC 24)Not offered this semester36 hours

Additional Information

Pre-requisites: Students must have successfully completed Foundations of Human Rights (X-SOC 21) before registering for other courses in this series.
Fee per course: $750 + GST

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